Arsenal and Everton lead the Premier League winners and losers as Hasenhuettl and Howe relegated

Arsenal have given up the last vestiges of a lazy reputation and Frank Lampard is chief commissioner. Ndidi and Hasenhuettl stocks collapsed.


They are suitable
. After stumbling against Manchester United, Arsenal returned to the stage of the most humiliating 90 minutes of the Mikel Arteta era, finally putting what was left of their lazy reputation to rest.

Their visit to Brentford last August was a realization of every clichΓ© from Arsenal: they were bullied, bruised and battered by a team that wanted it more; The gunners shrank in a tumultuous atmosphere as they always do resident He did not replace Patrick Vieira.

This time, they faced the Bees without their captain and main maker, as well as the Β£32m title winner who proved crucial in a tactical stream, exiting with three goals, three points and much respect from the undefeated opponent’s coach. .

15-year-old Ethan Nwaneri’s late introduction on “Pure Gut Feeling” was an elaborate lesson in positive vibes from Mikel Arteta. It was accurate and meant everything and nothing, and had no measurable impact on the outcome or performance but the preservation of values ​​and the sense of satisfaction factor that the manager hopes to inculcate. The north London air seems different now.

It is a sign of the great defensive boom when successive clean sheets are hit by different goalkeepers. After Jordan Pickford kept Liverpool at bay, it was Asmir Begovic’s turn to hold off West Ham.

Admittedly, the Bosnian had a slightly simpler assignment but it speaks volumes about Frank Lampard’s ability to delegate. He has struggled to properly arrange a defense worthy of that name in both derby and Chelsea, but appointing two lieutenants on the pitch helped him win that battle at Everton.

James Tarkowski and Conor Coady were amazing summer cars with no apparent fee-wise. Their impact was palpable, turning Everton from a somewhat disorganized and haphazard side into something more tight and regulated.

Everton have scored 11 goals so far this season – only Wolves with 10 have seen fewer goals and conceded – and that’s entirely by design. Lampard is defying the reputation he has helped cement as a broad attacking coach and that flexibility has been a really nice surprise.

Tyrone Mings
It turns out that the cloth around the biceps and the responsibility to participate in the coin lottery make the captain, not the leader. The uproar surrounding the decision to make John McGinn captain for Aston Villa instead of Tyrone Mings has been disproportionately blown away by a country that places such a role undue importance, but both’s performances since then suggest he’s a heavyweight.

He said that McGinn had improved a lot against Southampton. But another formidable display of Mings was a testament to his character not only dealing with the status of captain, but belittling his position in England and The general weirdness of Graeme Souness.

Steven Gerrard claimed he sacked Mings as captain because “there was a lot of noise around him” and “the idea was for him to take that away so he could focus on him more and not worry about the other players on the team” flawed. Removing the steering wheel from the center half raises the volume, increases this pressure, and increases the highlight.

But Mings rose to the challenge and rediscovered a level of consistency he had previously surpassed. The 29-year-old has thrived in adverse circumstances with many expecting him to continue to fail.

Hugo Lloris
By contrast, focusing on a two-time conceding goalkeeper rather than a hat-trick champion who visibly emptied the burden that was weighing on his shoulders after a horrific start to the season, Heung Min Son would not have had his moment otherwise. Hugo Lloris intervenes.

Of his five saves against Leicester, two were in a silly game Final set of crossroads. Lloris kept James Madison off the field with a 2-2 lead before Batson Dhaka’s header was thwarted shortly after Rodrigo Bentancur restored Spurs’ lead.

Those were the exact moments when Spurs could have collapsed with a goal concession. There would certainly be no late offensive wave if Loris had not stopped an earlier tide. He’s still crucial to this team in his eleventh season.

Fulham won only twice last season a league match in which Aleksandar Mitrovic failed to score. Not since Boxing Day 2017, Marco Silva’s side have come from behind to win the Premier League. Never before has a team led by Tim Ream at left-back been more than a fear-mongering theory. This is a team and a director that break new ground.

Jack Grealish
Target wouldn’t do much to fundamentally change the minds of his eternal critics, but it is slowly becoming clear why Pep Guardiola and Manchester City have deemed Jack Grealish worthy of the nine-figure fee.

This is perhaps his most informative performance in blue in terms of what he brings to this team. He led the match in both full dribbles (4) and most drawn fouls (3), which confirmed his ability to carry the ball and extend matches.

Grealish was offered public support from Pep Guardiola by Kevin De Bruyne after the Wolverhampton match; These are not low standards to impress her. The first minute login was added simply to please those who can’t look beyond the score line.

Erling Haaland
Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Craig Bellamy and Peter Crouch all scored more goals in one Premier League season than Erling Haaland in the first seven games of his first campaign. It’s silly.

Neto of nominal inevitability has not lost a match in any competition since October 2020. It is perhaps worth noting that he only played 14 matches in that time. But substituting the Barcelona bench with the Bournemouth goal-edge did nothing to sway the 33-year-old’s indomitable mild air.

Newcastle couldn’t break through to Cherries’ goal until Alexander Isaacs had an unchallenged chance from 12 yards. Other than that, Neto was not defeated and his defense organization experience proved vital.


Wilfried Passion
Leicester could put together another potential solution to their problems from an ever-shrinking list. Wilfried Ndidi’s return to the defensive midfield was supposed to address many of their problems and restore a certain balance. If anything, it has increased levels of instability against Spurs.

There is sympathy for Ndidi, a player who has been forced to re-train in midfield, and whose knee injury in March appears to have dented his confidence previously. Everything came naturally to Nigerians suddenly feeling compelled. What was automatic has become manual. Where he would take one or two perfect touches without thinking, he now has three or four touches imbued with suspicion.

Jonny Evans did him no real favor with a slow pass to a player wrapped in Spurs Diamond while offering no option to help him escape. But Ndidi received the ball against his own goal and did not feel comfortable doing so. Rodrigo Bentancourt felt this doubt and used his opinion.

Ndidi once seemed to be the obvious answer to a series of questions that plagued the elite. This is a pitiful shadow of a former great midfielder who, like everyone else at Leicester, Can do with the change as soon as possible.

Ralph Hessenhuttl
From the summer of 2019 to the final under Graham Potter in Brighton, he and Ralph Hsenhuttl participated in remarkably similar recordings.

Brighton, Potter’s defender, got 146 points from 120 Premier League matches, winning 34, drawing 44, losing 42, scoring 132 goals and conceding 149.

Southampton’s Hasnottl player got 142 points at that time, won 38 games, drew 28, lost 54, scored 148 goals and conceded 205.

One was considered to have a much higher chance of being on the managerial ladder, while the other continues to swing wildly between the brilliant and the baffling.

The performance against Aston Villa underscored why Hasenhuttl will likely never progress past Southampton before the early retirement he stated he took more than once. They’ve been consistent, uninspiring, and unflattering from a squad that’s revamped more than any other in the summer.

Their ceiling is high but the floor is painfully low.

After the ambition and apparent investment in this transfer window, owners and fans should be forgiven for expecting more and even fearing the kind of streak that Hasenhuttl has become synonymous with. The impressive start has surprised many, but three 1-0 defeats in the last four matches have not reflected well on any St Mary’s player.

West Ham
David Moyes: β€œI found out quite a bit, especially about the players I already knew. They were the main players who let me down in their game in general. The players who played last year have gone down as well.”

Also David Moyes: Let’s keep giving Gianluca Scamaca and Maxwell Cornet half an hour at most, while completely and especially ignoring Flynn Downs.

The Scotsman is credited with the bloodliness of Thilo Kerr and Lucas Paqueta on the spot, but his frequent refrain from working with such a stagnant squad elicits no sympathy while spreading largely the same players in a system that is all too exposed by all manner of opponents.

In the event of defeat, patience is given to managers who at least try something different and show a willingness to adapt and grow. As Moyes continues to pick his favorites and then hints that he’s let down after another defeat, that virtue won’t be available to him.

A manager who happily accepted credit for turning things around in East London must begin to take responsibility for his current predicament. Moyes even made a quick gesture to play a European match in the middle of the week as a warning to lose Everton and such nonsense will only be forgiven for so long.

Eddie Howe
The real current test to see if one’s cup is half full or frustratingly empty.

Depending on the perspective chosen, Newcastle have only lost once this season – by the stoppage-time winner at Anfield – or claimed a solo win, coming up against second-placed Nottingham Forest side.

Their current position of X is appropriate. But after that end of the season and a summer transfer window in which their transfer record was shattered, they cannot legitimately point to Alain Saint-Maximin’s absence with a straight face as the reason for the failure to beat Bournemouth at home.

Eddie Howe knew about the deal when he took office. Expectations will be stiflingly high and gradual improvement will only be accepted up to a point. The 44-year-old has done a good job in terms of changing Newcastle’s approach and instilling a new spirit but if results do not improve soon, the question will be whether someone is better able to see the action.

Steve Cooper
Will he reach his one-year anniversary as Nottingham Forest manager on Wednesday? It can really go either way.

Nathan Collins
How comforting to see a former Stoke and Burnley defender deal in this way.

Scott Parker
I don’t really feel that Bournemouth is ‘not equipped at that level’ nor that this team is discouraged by ‘afraid’ and ‘uncompetitive’.

β€œThese stories are told on the road: the adversity one faces,” Scott Parker said after that defeat to Liverpool, after which he predicted similar blows would happen at the Bournemouth shop. “That will define us, me. Hopefully we’ll bounce back and react the right way and there will be a story behind it if we dust ourselves off.”

Two tough draws and two away victories in the three games, as it may not have been the definition Parker wanted for himself or the thriving Bournemouth side without him.

This was the highest level promoted in over a year since it actually came out.

Evan Tony
Kick shit with the boys.

Wout Faes Agent
Someone has a little explanation to do.