Court said Jack Grealish was at Mindy’s party where two women claimed rape UK News

The Crown Court in Chester has heard that England footballer Jack Grealish was at a party at the home of his Manchester City team-mate Benjamin Mendy where two young girls were raped.

One of the defendants, then 17, told the court on Friday that another woman, 23, who claims she was raped by Mindy’s boyfriend Luis Saha Matori, also alleged that she had sex with Grealish on the same night.

Mendi, 28, and Matori, 41, are on trial on multiple counts of rape and other sexual offenses against a number of young women. Both deny all crimes.

Grealish, who was in the 23-man squad for England’s match against Italy on Friday, was selected during a police interview the youngster gave to the jury. She alleges that she was raped twice by Mindy on the evening of a party at his home in Priestbury, Cheshire, in August last year.

In the interview, she alleged that Mindy raped her twice at his home during the rally, where both Mindy’s friends and Grealish’s friends, from Birmingham, were also present.

The teen said on August 23 last year that she took a taxi with three other girls and one of Matori’s friends, and took a drink on the way to Mindy’s house, where their cell phones were taken from the girls before entering, the court was told. .

She said, “There were already two girls on the couch. They were sitting next to Jack. He was already on the couch.”

Matori then drove the 23-year-old away “side by side” to get more alcohol because, as the witness told police, “Jack was demanding vodka.” Matori then allegedly raped the 23-year-old in the car they used to drive to a shop at a local gas station before returning home.

The 17-year-old told police: “I asked her what happened. I took her to the toilet. She is completely dazed, in hysterics. She just told me she slept in the car and woke up and felt like he was being pushed inside.”

Later, in the lounge area, the teen said that Mendy started to “check it out” before leading her to an office with a secure lock. Inside the office, Mendy raped her twice.

Then, the 17-year-old went to find the 23-year-old woman and found her in a lounge. The teen told the police: “She told me she had sex with Jack.

I don’t know if it is consensual or not. I don’t know what that was. But she was talking about it.”

The teen said she was raped in the cinema room by Matori after Mindy raped her. She said she saw Grealish “fainted” at home.

She said she was raped again by Matori in an apartment in Manchester on the same day.

Mendy denies seven counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexually assaulting six young women. Matori of Eccles, Salford, denies six counts of rape and three counts of sexually assaulting seven girls.

Both men say that if any sex takes place with women or girls, it is consensual.

Grealish was also mentioned during the trial at the end of August, when he and another teammate, Kyle Walker, were named in a witness statement. The witness told the police that she saw Grealish Walker at a party, and that was not one of the events related to Mindy and Matori’s trial.

The case continues.