Cristiano Ronaldo selected as the most powerful player on Instagram in the 2022 World Cup

Jadon Sancho has been named the most influential English footballer on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo leads Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe as the most influential players on Instagram due to his participation in the 2022 World Cup.

Portugal striker Ronaldo has had a 48 per cent increase in followers in the last year.

The average media value is more than $3.5 million per post, according to Nielsen Gracenote analysts.

His Manchester United teammate Jadon Sancho is the most influential English player, while Jaffe is the star of achievement with a growth of 5,165% in followers.

Rankings are based on Nielsen’s Influencer Measurement Tool, which rates total followers, follower growth, engagement rate, and average brand value for each Instagram post to give a total media value.

Classified players expected to appear in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Ronaldo has 480 million followers on Instagram, while Argentina’s Messi follows 360 million people – a 38% growth in the past 12 months – and generates $2.6 million in media value per post.

Paris Saint-Germain’s attacking trio of Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are second, third and fourth, respectively, behind Ronaldo, averaging over $1 million per post.

Among the top ten, Brazilian Vinicius Junior had the largest growth in the follower of any player with an increase of 90%, after scoring the winning goal in the Champions League final for Real Madrid against Liverpool.

Frenchman N’Golo Kante ranks eighth on the list and has the highest engagement rate of any player in the top ten with his publications, at 11%.

The next big social media star appears to be Spanish Gavi, whose follower count has risen over 5,000% to 6.2 million. The engagement rate of his posts is almost 30%.

Brazilians Ravenha and Anthony are second and third in the impressive footballers’ standings with a huge growth in their following following the summer transfers to Barcelona and Manchester United respectively.

Meanwhile, France is likely to be the most influential team on social media in the 2022 World Cup, with 11.7 million followers on its official page.

This beats Brazil and Portugal, which have 11.3 million and 10.3 million, respectively. Notably, 86% of Portugal’s followers live outside the European country.

England ranks fourth with 8.5 million followers. Among their players, winger Sancho is the most influential – he has 8.9 million followers, up 21% from last year, while he has a healthy 8% engagement rate in posts.

Several young English players have made notable breakthroughs on social media, including Jack Grealish who now has over five million followers, and Aaron Ramsdale, whose 920% followers have exploded remarkably over the past 12 months after joining Arsenal.

player nation club Dealing Followers (m) The value per post
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Manchester United Cristiano 480 $3585218
Lionel Messi Argentina Paris Saint-Germain Leo Messi 360 263,1388 dollars
Neymar Brazil Paris Saint-Germain Neymar Jr 178 $1,152,495
Kylian Mbappe France Paris Saint-Germain k.mbappe 72.5 $1,173,157
Vinicius Jr Brazil Real Madrid wine 23 $685,120
Karim Benzema France Real Madrid Karembenzma 58 $489,239
Paulo Dybala Argentina Rome bulodibala 49 $491,547
N’Golo Kanti – The Best of N’Golo Kanti France Chelsea Neglicante 14 $525,178
Paul Pogba France Juventus Polbogba 55 $407.542
Sergio Ramos Spain Paris Saint-Germain Sergio Ramos 53 $368,639
player nation club Dealing Followers (m) The value per post
dry Spain Barcelona getting worse 6.2 $377,305
Ravenha Brazil Barcelona Ravenha 3 $22.727
Anthony Brazil Manchester United 00 . reason 4.8 106229 dollars
pedry Spain Barcelona pedry 7.3 $255,212
Rodrigo de Bol Argentina Atletico Madrid Rodredipole 5 $206,983
Rodrigo Brazil Real Madrid Rodrigo 7.5 $119,726
Aurelien Chuamini France Real Madrid Orylenechem 17 2.1 $80,973
Achraf Hakimi Morocco Paris Saint-Germain achrafakimi 10.1 $133,187
Dusan Vlahovic Serbia Juventus vlahovicdusan 1.7 $118,691
Darwin Nunez Uruguay Liverpool darwin_n9 2.1 $14,527
nation Dealing Followers (m) % fans outside the country
France equip France 11.7 64.85
Brazil cbf_football 11.5 35.73
Portugal Portugal 10.4 86.41
England England 8.5 79.47
Argentina afaselection 7.3 54.75
Mexico Error 5.9 47.46
Germany dfb_team 4.9 72.84
Spain football 4 75.71
Morocco Morocco team 1.5 33.66
Holland constipation 1.3 72.67