Crowley Town FC to reveal players at Sideman charity match – News

Crawley Town Football Club and WAGMI United are pleased to announce a new partnership with The Sidemen – Europe’s largest YouTube group – ahead of the Sidemen FC 2022 charity match on September 24. Scouts will be on hand to assess the players involved, and will likely look to recruit new talent to join the squad in training and in the dugout for the Red Devils’ next FA Cup first round match on November 5.

Since taking over the club in April, WAGMI United has set out to bring Crawley Town FC to an enthusiastic global community of fans online. In keeping with those aspirations of becoming a community club that reaches anyone with an internet connection, WAGMI United and Crawley Town FC are excited about this new partnership with The Sidemen and the opportunity to introduce the club to millions of collective fans.

“It’s no secret that we want Crawley Town FC to become the ‘Internet Team,'” said Crawley Town FC co-chair Preston Johnson. And while we usually refer to the development of a global community of online fans when we use the term, why not also refer to The players we are scouting for and recruiting to join our team? We know this is an unconventional idea, to say the least. But we have never been shy about doing things differently, and we are excited to partner with The Sidemen and have the opportunity to explore their charity match to identify two good footballers who can Joining the club before our first FA Cup match.”

The FA internal regulations state that any player who has officially registered as part of a club is eligible to be named to the team and potentially participate in FA Cup matches. And while Crawley Town remains fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to win our first round match, the club is also looking forward to the possibility of these new recruits joining our squad on a trial basis for training and match day experience.

“When we hit the pitch on November 5, our only goal is to win the game and advance to the next round,” said Crawley Town First Team Manager Kevin Betsy. The FA Cup is a historic competition with great meaning for our club, our players and our fans, and we look forward to doing everything we can. What we can do to take a deep tour this season.However, the unique rules of this competition give us a chance to try something different, and we look forward to welcoming some new faces into the team. They are unlikely to enter the pitch unless the game is really good, but we are excited to add some Fresh blood is in our training and in the dugout – and we hope to bring some new fans to the club in a tackle.”

Started in 2013 and consisting of best friends Olajide “KSI” Olatunji, Simon “Miniminter” Minter, Joshua “Zerkaa” Bradley, Tobit “TBJZL” Brown, Ethan “Behzinga” Payne and Vikram “Vikkstar123” Barn, The Sidemen are among the most High profile internet personalities from the UK – with over 130 million YouTube subscribers and millions of other followers on their various social media channels. The group has hosted the Sidemen FC Charity Match since 2017, participating in a host of YouTube All-Stars on the field and donating the proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations.