Do they think that mathematics does not need to recover? This will not happen in the men’s game.”

OFFALY LGFA was criticized for locking in the county final for women’s football for only 24 hours after the Kamoji Seniors semi-final, in which a number of doubles will be involved on both days.

Concerns were raised about player welfare reasons with one club that included a remark, “Does the Offaly LGFA even care about their players?”

Last night, the women’s soccer final between Tullamore and Noam Kiran was decided for Sunday, October 2.

On Saturday, October 1, the first and second tournament semi-finals are scheduled to take place in Kamoji.

About 11 footballers from Tullamore and Noam Kiaran take part in the Kamuji matches the day before the football schedule.

The football champions Offaly will not enter the Leinster FC Championship until October 22, which has added to the frustration of participating clubs.

In correspondence with clubs last night, the Offaly LGFA Matches Committee said it “regrets that no compromise was reached, but also highlighted that this date has been set since the start of the adult tournament.”

“We did our best to try and give the duo players as much time as possible between matches but due to other factors there can’t be separate weekends where there is no camogie clash or other sports.

“Therefore, we have to stick to the original date of our adult finals.”

Matt McCormack, Tullamore’s director of women’s football, wondered if he would allow a similar situation to occur in the men’s game.

“Our players deserve the chance to be at their best in the biggest game of the year,” he said. The42.

“We expect our women’s football players to be an inspiration to the next generation. We should expect the same from our officials.

“We have nine players on our squad who will play the Kamoji semi-finals less than 24 hours before the county final. That won’t happen in the men’s game, so how is that allowed to happen in 2022?

“We’re sure the players at Naomh Ciaran don’t want this either. We’ve always found them to be fair and honest. We honestly can’t believe this is the players’ decision, they are unlikely to be consulted about it.

“The Offaly champions play in Leinster on October 22. The county final could easily be played on October 8 or 9. Why didn’t this happen? Do they think math doesn’t need to recover and prepare?”

Offaly LGFA is currently raising large donations to help develop its own lands and McCormack insists they should pay more respect to the well-being of their players.

“It’s something I would like to ask, does the Offaly LGFA even care about their players? They are asking the public and the companies at Offaly to fund a new facility but at the moment it seems they don’t care about their players.”

He added, “You have to wonder is that the situation, ‘It’s just a girls’ game, they’ll be fine. “

Tom Fitzmaurice, president of Offaly LGFA, declined to comment when contacted The42.

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