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Fans refunded Plymouth Coach travel money as a sign of goodwill
Thursday 22 September 2022 17:16

Town is giving refunds to fans who have booked their bus travel to the Sunday long trip to Plymouth Argyle as a goodwill gesture.

About 90 fans have booked travel for the two coaches who will begin at 3.30 a.m. on the trip to Home Park for the first against third game, which is on Sky Sports and kicks off at 12:30 p.m.

The club has been communicating with fans who have booked bus travel to inform them that they will be compensated, with adults initially priced at £43.50 with concessions at £37.50.

Elsewhere, Paul Warren took over as Derby County coach, signing a four-year contract, having left Rotherham United. Liam Rosenior, a former loanee from the city, was relieved of his duties as interim manager of the Rams yesterday.

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Happy Blow Added 17:38 – 22 Sep

Good gesture from the club, but I hope they get the fans to the match in time, we booked the coach to Schiff Wednesday on Saturday as the train strike was originally planned, surprised by the departure time which wasn’t even 8.45/50 and we arrived outside hillsborough at 2.35 which I was so disappointed when we got to the stadium we didn’t have time to do anything shy, they cut it like that with the times, is this the case in every away game? I think they should aim to get to any ground at least an hour before kick-off and allow any traffic with departure times. We were a bit baffled and wouldn’t choose to go by bus again plus they got 3 points which is a bit strange as I thought, 45 minute stop on the way and only 15 minutes on the way back. Rethink their Organized Times 🙂 Charlton By Train 🙂

help Added 18:00 – 22 September

Anyone know any reason why the club didn’t show the match in heaven on earth

NicePointerner Added 18:20 – 22 Sep

I remember taking the coach from Lowestoft to the FA Cup semi-final at Villa against Man City. Only when the class was halfway down the A12 did we point out that Birmingham was that way. He was heading to Wembley. We arrived at Villa Park with 10 minutes to spare and then the driver wanted us to stop so he could take pictures!! We lost with the goal of a mistake was not! Beattie broke his arm and played Whymark at No. 6 with Beattie a lone striker with his arm tied. Then the bus ran out of fuel on the way back outside Olton Broad and we had to walk 5 miles to Lowestoft. Not what you might call a good day

foam Added 18:43 – 22 Sep

It’s absolutely ridiculous having a KO at 12:30 on Sunday considering the distance and how early fans need to kick off. The move from Saturday afternoon spoiled a great day away from the massive L1 game.

Europablo Added 19:07 – 22 September

If TV wants to get a game like this early on a Sunday, TV should pay for the inconvenience!

Pessimist Added 19:55 – 22 September

I agree with Europablue. Sky must pay the bill for the inconvenience caused. They earn enough at the expense of football fans already!

beditfc Added 20:04 – 22 Sep


Unfortunately, things can be difficult with the hours of driving and the working day!
The driver needs 45 minutes of rest every 4.5 hours of driving and can only be on duty for 15 hours.
Working time starts when they arrive at the warehouse they have to do a 15 minute working tour check on the car before driving. 4.5 hours starting when they leave the warehouse.
The rest period on the way back should be at least 30 minutes as long as they have another 15 minutes before the 4.5 hours are up.
A way around this is to have a double driver but this puts another wage on the costs

blues 1 Added 20:08 – 22 September

While yes, it’s a nice gesture from the club, what about the vast majority of fans who don’t travel with a coach? 90 fans out of more than 1,000 travelers get a refund, while the rest still have to pay for their travel? I don’t say it myself because I won’t go on Sunday. Just don’t see why those who travel by bus should be treated differently than those who drive or travel by train. Some also pay for hotels. Yes, that is their choice. But it’s also an option to go by coach. So again, those who choose to find their own way out there, who are they
punished for doing so.

Ipswich Added 20:19 – 22 September

Well blues1, where to start.
If people had already paid for their tickets, they would have run out of money.
If someone chooses to drive to Plymouth for a match that has already been canceled and rearranged, they may be better served if the club chooses to pay for the psychological evaluation.
Hotels usually have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Edmund Added 20:21 – 22 September

The easiest way is to shrink Sky subscriptions. Totally rip off, and you can get most online games for free these days with a VPN anyway.

grain Added 21:59 – 22 September

Nesspointrunner, I thought the Villa Park match was against Wet Spam. Unless I think of a completely different game. It snowed like hell on the way home.

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