Frankie Dettori banned for 14 days after shocking Mendocino Turquator Tasso | horse racing news

Sabine Bros / German Gallup

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Mendocino (far side) defeats Torquator Tasso and Frankie Dettori in Baden-Baden

Sabine Bros / German Gallup

Written by Scott Burton in Baden-Baden

Sunday: 152nd Wettstar Grand Prix of Baden, Baden-Baden

Torquator Tasso will head to Paris and defend his title at the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe after a narrow defeat to Mendocino.

For ten agonizing minutes, it seemed as if it were not for Frankie Dettori, whose six blows with a whip — one over the limit — seemed to have cost him any arc trip, let alone such outstanding strikes.

Dettori left his fans convinced the hosts of Baden-Baden he would miss Europe’s greatest race after he was suspended for 14 days, news that sent normally undisturbed Marcel Weiss running up the stairs of the owners’ and coaches’ lounge in search of the owners of the Torquator Tasso.

The first hint that the order would be returned came from the stewards’ secretary followed shortly after by Dettori himself, who learned his suspension would last until Saturday from the bow meeting through the good offices of former first-group winner Philippe Minarek.

“I got it wrong, it starts on Sunday,” said a relieved Dettori, who will nonetheless miss the entire Cambridgeshire meeting in Newmarket.

“We knew it was going to be a wrong run, which is why I kicked in the 800 [metre mark], to make it a race. It’s not his style. He needs soft ground and horses stop in front of him.

“He didn’t run that bad but he needs a race that fits his style, not a one race with four riders. I did everything in my power to make a race out of it.”

The opportunity to ride the Torquator Tasso opened up because regular rider Rene Bechulek was kept by Mendocino’s 90-year-old owner, Hans-Gerd Wernicke.

With an entry in the Arc already next to his name, Mendocino made the trip to Paris much closer in running the Torquator Tasso, a fact not lost on runner-up connections.

Gestut Auenquelle’s Karl-Dietrich Elibrake joined Dettori’s immediate questioning of the press after the race, who asked of his jockey: “What do you think of him?”

Dettori’s response will be reassuring to Ellebracke, who should have already resigned because Pichulek was unavailable on October 2.

“When we go to France with soft ground and a strong pace, we shall run. If Rene’s horse runs, I am free, and we are done,” said Dettori, the two men concluding with a handshake.

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Torquator Tasso after narrowly defeating Germany’s biggest all-age race

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Although the difference between winning and losing the prep race was just a header, Paddy Power eased the Torquator Tasso to 10-1 (from 13-2) for the Arc.

For Weiss, the test will be how a horse of his age reacts to such a challenging race when he returns to the grass in Mulheim in preparation for what will likely be his last race.

This was undoubtedly Mendocino’s best run, having last year placed second behind Alpinesta, the golden thread that runs through every level of middle-distance in Germany.

“He’s had a three-month long break and with only three riders in the race, I wanted to sit last,” Bichulik said. “We weren’t in the same condition as the others, which is why I wanted to finally sit down and then try to pick them up when they got back to me.”

Bischulek paid tribute to his partner and Mendocino coach Sarah Steinberg, who hit the first group level for the first time in Germany’s biggest race for all ages.

“She drives it every day and really knows it,” he said, “while I just sat on it for the last two bits of work.”

As for what might happen in four weeks’ time at Longchamp, Bischolk has been firm about his commitments, if not four-year-old Aderflug’s chances in the arc.

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Renee Picchulk and Sarah Steinberg celebrate after hacking Mendocino’s first set

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“I have to ride it, I have a contract with the owner and that’s why I rode it today,” Bischulik said. “we will see [about the Arc]It was a tough race after three months off, so we’ll see how he gets out of it.”

Dettori was on his long-awaited return to Baden-Baden after a decade. You wouldn’t be among his fondest memories of this corner of Germany, but he survived his dreams of a seventh arc, though to be fair.

Tadge O’Shea has been baffled by the judges in Germany after the ten-time UAE champion jockey was suspended for 14 days after finishing second aboard an Athba wreath in the Group 2 Arab race in Baden-Baden on Sunday, Louis Porteous writes.

O’Shea’s ban comes exactly a week after the jockey It was Ross Cockley left upset Through a controversial 23-day ban after his first group win at the same racetrack.

Strict rules regarding the whip in Germany allow it to be used only five times during a race, with its use below the shoulder with hands on unleashed still classified as a single stroke.

Like Coakley, O’Shea maintains he was fully aware of the rules heading to Baden-Baden and was shocked by the hosts calculating a single strike below the shoulder. He asserts that it was used for corrective purposes, but the stewards considered that he broke the rules in one fell swoop.

“The Five Rules [strikes] “In Germany, I know very well,” O’Shea said as he made his way from the Baden-Baden racecourse to the airport. de Vries [riding Jarif]Who is the favorite and primary danger, so I keep an eye on him.

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Tadhg O’Shea: Banned by flogging for 14 days in Baden-Baden

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