Gareth Southgate is ready to risk Harry Maguire’s reputation

Gareth Southgate admitted he is set to put his reputation in England on the line by standing up for unpopular Manchester United captain Harry Maguire in Milan on Friday.

Maguire is expected to start with three defenses against Italy in the Nations League match, England’s penultimate match before the World Cup. The decision could increase pressure on Southgate, who was eventually booed and mocked by his supporters. shock Hungary crush 4-0 In the last England game in June.

“I am the England coach and you are judged only on results and at the moment,” Southgate said. “I am over 30 years old in football and I know how it goes with the fans. The most important thing is that the players are together, the staff and I are supported by the people I work with and the rest… I am my biggest critic, I am someone who will always review everything with interest no matter what. Well, you don’t expect to lose 4-0 at home and you don’t get criticized.”

When asked if he’s putting his reputation on the line by siding with Maguire, Southgate replied: “Whatever reputation I have, I’m putting it there. I think, look, you always have to support your judgment and we feel he’s an important player.” Maguire has lost his place in the United squad since the arrival of Eric Ten Hag as coach, having since been laid off Embarrassing 4-0 defeat to Brentford Since more than a month.

Since then, Maguire has started only once, defeating Real Sociedad 1-0 in the Europa League, before losing his place again in the trip to FC Sheriff, in which he played one minute as a substitute. With John Stones suspended from his trip to Italy, Maguire could line up in three defenses, unpopular with a host of fans and critics, along with call-ups Eric Dyer and Kyle Walker.

On Maguire’s lack of playing at United, Southgate said: “Look clearly, it’s not an ideal situation. You want your best players to play regularly so that they are in a good place physically and mentally in a good place. But he is an important player for us. I think it is important to support our best players. .

“He understands that he’s at a big club, big transfer fees and a captain for the club, so I think that’s why we highlight him more. But he focused on good training every day and getting himself back into the team. The team we picked, there are quite a few players you can say that they could have been left out, but I think we wanted to keep this group together and keep them in. But they also know, for some of them, that they need to play more regularly because we are now only a few weeks into pre-season, so, physically, if they have a few 90 minutes, that’s okay.. Another seven or eight weeks, that starts to get more complicated.”

Jordan Pickford’s injury may offer Nick Pope a chance in goal, while Southgate has confirmed Jordan Henderson will not feature against Italy, which means Judd Bellingham is set to start alongside Declan Rice in the midfield. Harry Kane will start up front and the England captain has revealed that he has hired a Spanish doctor who travels to him once a month to help with the ankle injuries that have caused him problems in the past.

“I did my hamstrings in January 2020 against Southampton and since then I’ve found this new physicist and we’ve been working together for nearly three years now,” said Keane. “It’s been really cool for me, we’ve worked hours and hours over the three years, built a really good relationship and I’ve seen changes in my body in terms of how my ankles look before and after. I’m in a completely different place. So, it’s really fun.”

Kane didn’t want to name the doctor but added: “I wasn’t worried, but I was frustrated. When you try to put together a good season, you’re in great shape and constantly suffer from the same kind of injury – I kept having ankle injuries which resulted in a bigger tendon injury. The knee.So I think as I get older and more mature you learn more about your body and how your body adapts to things, when you can push and when you shouldn’t push too hard.So you learn as you get older, and I’ve learned really well over the past few years about my body and myself It has helped me consistently play at the level that I have.”