Graham Potter made a low start but is a symbol of Chelsea’s new culture | Champions League

WElcome, then, master of the blue sky. Entering the grand entrances, in the long history of stage taking… well, this was actually none of those. Instead, it was Graham Potter’s debut as Chelsea The director was a reflection of Graham Potter’s personality, Graham Potter’s energy, and Graham Potter’s process.

Chelsea took a point at home against RB Salzburg And they were solid, room temperature, moderately encouraging in their energy levels. But really, of course, it was about an entrance. Did we get one? kind of.

Stamford Bridge was a humid place at kickoff, soothed by a playlist with a powerful song that put a middle ground between “the field” and respect.

There were union flags and a choir of God Save the Queen (Latifa: old school) on both ends. Finally, Potter came out, shaking hands, he was cute, slightly bowed. No waves, no performance stuff, nothing that really says, “I’m really new here you know.” Entering the grand entrances, this was the administrative equivalent of taking your lunch tray and sitting in the empty seat below the teachers.

Instead, Potter stood there, comfortably, in his rectangle, in a black suit and skinny black tie, looking like a wedding guest the next morning. Little pointed. applauded. shouted at Mateo Kovacic. But basically it looked like Graham Potter was watching a football match unexpectedly. If no one really chanted or sang his name, Chelsea fans are loyal to their managers, but they also choose the way they offer their services. What will they do with Graham? How will this thing play?

Not least that Potter is clearly meant to be an expression of the club’s new culture, whatever that may be. Billionaire Todd Boehle would be great to watch and it’s always a mistake to judge too early. Although sometimes you wonder.

Buhli’s name appeared to matter on the Red Bull Syndicate check at a brainstorming session in New York this week. It looks like he wants to create something out of the multi-club model for Chelsea. Either that or he just looked at who they were going to play next, did some Google searching and had an idea. Who knows, maybe he’ll be super excited next week about the Crystal Palace model.

It’s been a strange few days for the new blue dawn. Before those public comments this week, it was tempting to ask who was advising Buhle, who was actually explaining football to him. Now at least the answer is clear. no one. Nobody does that.

Fans sang former manager Thomas Tuchel’s name after 21 minutes Photo: David Klein/Reuters

The best kind you can put on his various ideas, All star game, the new mini-league at the bottom, is something along the lines of, hey, the guy is broken. Trust the big beast, the rainmaker.

But in reality these were meaningless things. Even if these were really his ideas, and even if they turned out to be strokes of an outside genius, talking about them in public now is laughably naive.

Do you really want to look at the Zoom screen in a cardigan delivering a sad, pale apology? You can do things for English football. But you have to smile and speak kindly as you use the blade.

One good thing about Potter: he is undoubtedly a clean break with the past, with his sense of being something; To pledge your behavior to Graham, to give him a five- or even seven-year contract (why not a 20-year contract?) is to show seriousness and moral fibres. This is good optics, a good brand.

We hope everyone here will give him time. You can see what the objections might be. If the results went wrong for too long, people would say it was too high, and it was Nigel Adkins who got out of hand, a Southgate South. Can he take the step? Do people who don’t give you time give it some time?

He picked a reasonable team here. Chelsea were the better team for most of this match. They seemed eager enough, and they didn’t go through any periods where levels went down or scrolling got rough. Three minutes into the second half, they advanced through Raheem Sterling. It came from a quick spin and break, and it’s a goal that should be hacked into the video set.

Next: Not much. A passionate push with the right was enough for Salzburg to equalize. Thiago Silva was pulled from the middle and made a terrible mistake. Cesar Azpilicueta did not get close to Noah Okafor, who sent the ball into the net. Potter looked sad and shook his head. There was a kind of gathering, if not any sense of vitality.

This team was worse than this. This team was also the world champion recently. No doubt we are here on a journey, following a process; It might be best if it doesn’t take too long.