He revealed Rangnick’s ‘anger’ at Manchester United as the club missed the chance to win one of the best players in the Premier League.

Ralph Rangnick was reportedly ‘furious’ with Manchester United last January as they decided not to sign any new players during the winter period.

It’s fair to say that Manchester United had a fantastic top-down show last season and that led to a shocking season on the pitch.

Rangnick replaced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the end of 2021 and was due to take up an advisory role from this summer.

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This was not how it ended up as before the end of last season it was confirmed that Rangnick would be leaving to become head coach of Austria.

The 64-year-old was quick to spot the error at Man United and was keen to sign them during the winter period.

Manchester United’s hierarchy felt differently although Rangnick was “furious” at the club’s lack of activity, according to Fabrizio Romano.

The transfer coach revealed that Man United missed opportunities to pursue Julian Alvarez, Duzan Vlahovic and Luis Diaz.

Vlahovic has also been linked with Arsenal but joined Juventus instead in January. Meanwhile, Alvarez signed for Manchester City and was really impressed when he had the opportunity.

It initially seemed that Diaz was likely to join Tottenham, but Liverpool beat them to even signing after “kidnapping” their rivals in the Premier League.

Romano confirmed that Manchester United “did not react” last January because they “missed important opportunities”:

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The mistake was clear: Ralf Rangnick, who at the time was interim manager and preparing to become a consultant to work with the board and with Eric ten Hag, was angry at Man United because they did not want to sign any players last January.

They had some chances, but they didn’t want to sign a striker specifically.

“Julian Alvarez was one of those players – he was offered to United and other clubs, he had a release clause, and the Rangnick player was on his list at Lokomotiv Moscow.

“In the end, Man United decided not to move forward, and now Man City has this really good striker, for the present and the future.

Dusan Vlahovic had another opportunity, and he ended up joining Juventus – United didn’t even try to get into the picture.

“We also heard a lot about Luis Diaz being wanted by Tottenham and West Ham, before Liverpool hijacked the deal and changed the story within 48 hours, signing one of the best players in the Premier League at the moment.

“United did not react, wasted important opportunities, and so Rangnick was angry at the lack of activity.”

It has already been reported Eric Ten Hag will not be given any money to spend in the next transfer period.

But Romano warned United that they need to be “prepared for big opportunities”:

“Now it’s a different era, they are doing well with new signings under Erik ten Hag but, it is critical that they are ready for big opportunities if they come up in January,” Follow Romano.

“The club would ideally like to boost next summer, with factors such as the Champions League football still to be determined.

“However, Ten Hag would like to see them react in the market, to see if there are big opportunities in January – it’s an unexpected window, there could be another opportunity for Luis Diaz or Dusan Vlahovic, and Ten Hag wants United to be ready.

“Last January’s mistake can’t be repeated, that’s really important. Liverpool’s plan initially was to sign Luis Diaz in the summer, but because of Tottenham’s interest they decided to pay right away.

“Liverpool have been really fast, and it’s important to have that kind of structure. United need to make this one of their missions if they want to make this new era work.”