Honestly, you wouldn’t believe his age.

Arsenal legend David Seaman has admitted he was shocked to learn that Ethan Nwaneri was just 15 years old after seeing him on the training ground.

Nawaneri made Premier League history on Sunday when he became The smallest entry ever in the history of the competition.

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Nwaneri wasn’t even born when Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium

Mikel Arteta briefly brought him up at the end of their 3-0 win over Brentford, bringing them back to the top of the table.

The decision to hand Nwaniri for the first time at such a young age was his Opinion split among talkSPORT critics.

But Seaman believes Nwaneri has the ability and personality to deliver on his promise – as long as he is treated as carefully as Ryan Giggs at Manchester United.

The Arsenal legend is well aware of the youngster’s talents as well, having spent time observing him training as an academy coach at the club.

“It’s great for us to make history, but you have to think about the long term,” said the former legendary goalkeeper. “If you are good enough, you are old enough.

“He has to be dealt with right off the field. He’s a really good player, but you have to take care of him.

“It all depends on how good you are and that determines whether or not you get a chance to play.

Nwaneri entered the final minutes of the win over Brentford


Nwaneri entered the final minutes of the win over Brentford

“I saw this guy in training when I was training with the U23 and U18 team. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe his age.”

When asked if it was really one of the best he’s seen, Seaman added, “He’s that age. He looks like a fully experienced professional. Then you find out how old he is…15.

“It’s good, but it still has to be handled properly.

Very similar to Ryan Giggs, he was handled perfectly by Fergie and look how good he was.

“It’s about making sure he gets the right treatment off the field. He will definitely get him on the training ground and in matches, he will be well taken care of.

“He’s so good that he can handle all of that.”

Seaman gave an insight into what Nwaniri looked like on the training pitch


Seaman gave an insight into what Nwaniri looked like on the training pitch

Arteta wasn’t afraid to play Arsenal’s juniors, with the likes of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe perfect examples for Nwaneri to follow.

Seaman added: “It will help him tremendously. We are looking at them now as experienced professionals, and they themselves are still really young.

“It’s a great example for him to look at them as an example and how they are treated, and see what they do off the field.

“A wise agent and all that kind of stuff comes into it. Don’t shy away from what you do on the training ground and what you do in matches, that is the most important of all.”