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Jim Goldie: “I won’t dwell on it, and as I often say, things happen for a reason”

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

Written by David Carr

The mingling of his days cost Jim Goldy a chance to win the Virgin Bet Air Silver Cup with likely favorite team Call Me Ginger, who finished second at the Portland Handicap in Doncaster on Sunday.

The coach failed to confirm any of his Gold Cup entries, so his stablemate Sound of Iona also lost a crack in the Bronze Cup on Friday – driving Call Me Ginger home by a one-to-two lead in his local yard 12 months ago.

Silver and Bronze Trophies are being contested by runners who fail to achieve a £150,000 cut to hamper Saturday’s show and need to confirm the horses by noon on Monday.

Explaining the confusion, Goldie said, “There was an inquiry from the hosts in Portland, Call Me Ginger was obstructed and we were… Discuss whether to appeal. It usually runs on Saturdays and it’s still in my head.

“I came home, watched all the reboots, probably didn’t go to bed, and then the next morning – when I had to confirm – I still thought it was Sunday. Entries were made in advance and there was no reminder from anyone.

“Maybe the other coaches were watching and they might have said ‘I wonder why Jim Goldie didn’t confirm it?'” “I didn’t realize until my son George called me after I started working with Redcar overnight on Monday and said it hadn’t been confirmed.”

Goldie, who sent 214 winners in Flat at Ayr and 69 winners in the jump, also won the Bronze Trophy with Jack Dexter in 2012 and took the Silver Trophy with Geojimali in 2006.

He admitted that “Call Me Ginger was probably the Silver Cup’s favorite.” “But I know statistically to go from Portland to the Gold Cup or the Silver Cup, nobody does that – I think Lochsong was the last winner.

“She would have had a great chance but we don’t know what the draw would be like, if everything and Maybes. He has a good record at Ascot and there’s a race for him there, then there’s still a big race in York to come. I won’t dwell on it, and as I often say, Things happen for a reason.”

Mark Cranham (racingpost.com/photos)

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Confusion and controversy after Call Me Ginger (left) finished second in the Portland Handicap caused him not to confirm Ayr

Mark Cranham (racingpost.com/photos)

In a season in which many consolation races elsewhere have failed, or had to be canceled altogether, Ayr is unlikely to face a similar problem, with at least 171 horses confirmed for the Gold Cup on Monday.

It also breaks with the small fields trend where there are 201 runners in 16 races that have already been announced and not a single number one streak.

Managing Director David Brown said: “This is the best get-together in Scotland, and has traditionally been seen as an occasion to put your shoes on at the end of the season and people want to have a little fun on the west coast of Scotland. We offer a wide range of races which is clearly attractive to owners and coaches.

“And there is an allure to winning the Silver Cup and the Bronze Cup – they are competitive races that have a place in their own right. They are not seen as consolation races nor would I call them that – the Silver Cup is a £60,000 televised race on Saturday.”

But Brown does not expect attendees to be in good health and said: “The Queen’s death will have an impact and we have found our crowds challenging across the board this year, as at every racetrack and the reasons for that are well documented elsewhere.

“I think our crowd will go down last year, even though our attendance was up 12 months ago as the gates opened after the restrictions were lifted.”

Virgin Bet Air Gold Cup & Betting Card

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First published at 1:59 pm, September 14, 2022