Ipswich Town – Arsenal U21: Match Report

9:43 PM Sep 20 2022

10:03 PM Sep 20 2022

Ipswich Town took a big step into the knockout rounds of the Papa John’s Cup with a 2-0 win over Arsenal’s Under-21 side this evening.

Dominic Paul put his side on course for a comfortable victory after just three minutes, with the midfielder hitting the back post after Freddy Ladabo’s early corner kick.

Ipswich was rested from that moment on and had chances to make the match safe, most of them falling to the hands of Ladabo, who struggled in front of goal before firing into the net with his finishing touch on the night, having been freed through the middle.

Freddy Ladabo celebrates his goal.
– Credit: Steve Waller – stephenwaller.com

Town supporters were chanting the number 9 shirt’s name throughout the second half, as his frustrations mounted, but the striker gave the North Stand a round of applause and salute after he netted to make the match safe.

Kieran McKenna’s side now have six points out of a potential six, having crushed Northampton in their first group stage game, but are yet to be mathematically certain of their place in the next round, heading into their final group game against Cambridge next month.

As promised, McKenna made plenty of changes in the team that drew with Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday, though Liv Davis, Conor Chaplin and George Edmondson retained their positions.

Vaclav Hladke was in goal behind the backline as well including Kane Vincent Young, captain Richard Keogh and Liv Davis, while Paul and Cameron Humphreys started in midfield.

Chaplin was joined in attack by Marcus Harnes and Ladabo, with the latter two coming off the bench at Hillsborough.

Vincent Young’s trajectory, almost immediately from the start, signaled Ipswich’s intent and his attacking start was rewarded in the third minute, when Paul fired his first from Ipswich when he faced a corner kick at Davis, which Ladabo passed, into the far corner. Mail.

After scoring a goal, Ipswich was in control of the ball and giving him plenty of time to think about his next moves, which sometimes allowed the Blues to work on the ball really well and in other cases meant the intensity waned from the game.

Dominic Paul scores to put Town 1-0 ahead.

Dominic Paul scores to put Town 1-0 ahead.
– Credit: Steve Waller – stephenwaller.com

The Blues were looking to use the flankers, guarded by Edwards and Davis, as well as get great balls at the feet of Ladabo, who provided an excellent header to put it down and an opportunity for Chaplin, who saw his shot veer backwards.

Ipswich still needs to be wary of Arsenal’s threat, with Humphries asking to track down and make an excellent intervention to stop Kiddo Taylor Hart, but it was the hosts who assaulted the match.

And he saved the ball for another shot, as he faced a low corner kick for Davies and forced Polish goalkeeper Hubert Graczyk to clear the ball with his feet, before grabbing Hiladaki’s long ball professionally Edwards, who advanced and crossed Ladabo from eight yards. But the city striker’s shot was deflected into the goalkeeper’s arms.

Harness pulled a long shot, after Humphreys ran off the field, before slipping past Ladapo inside the Arsenal challenge and shooting a low effort on his own which Graczyk easily blocked.

Kyle Edwards plays against Arsenal U21s.

Kyle Edwards plays against Arsenal U21s.
– Credit: Steve Waller – stephenwaller.com

Town was a goal in the first half and looked comfortable, but after experiencing a dip in intensity in previous games with the young defender, you knew more scoring was needed to get the job done.

Arsenal made three changes in the first half, introducing Roel Walters, Bradley Ibrahim and Katalin Sergan, but the hosts came out of the trap at the start of the second half.

A clever flick from Harness sent Davis away across the middle of the field, with the left-back stinging Graczyk’s palm before the ball headed to Ladapo, with the Ipswich striker unable to get past the ball to head the ball. The voltage drifted over the girder.

He was slapped in the face in frustration just a few seconds later when Humphries passed him, only to grow frustrated with the striker as he pulls a shot across the goal.

Cameron Humphreys compiled by Matt Smith.

Cameron Humphreys compiled by Matt Smith.
– Credit: Steve Waller – stephenwaller.com

Ipswich’s changes began when Janoi Donacien, Tyreece John-Jules and Kayden Jackson entered the competition, at a time when fans in the North Stand were regularly chanting Ladapo while watching the No. 9 struggle in front of goal.

And just as in the 6-0 win over Northampton in the first group game, the biggest cheer came that night when Ladabo hit the net to complete the scoring.

Keogh needed to step in late, slipping out from under his crossbar to keep the net clean on one of the nights the Blues managed to win.

Ipswich Town (4-2-3-1): Hello. Vincent Young, Q (CBT), Edmondson, Davis (Donacian 64); Ball Humphreys Edwards, Chaplin (John Jules 64), Harnes (Jackson 73); Ladabo (Boabo 86).

Subs: Hayes, Wolfenden, Armin.

Reservation: Edwards (21), Edmundson (72), Ball (80).

Arsenal U-21 (4-2-3-1): Grazik. Sweet, Forward, Awe, Quesada-Thorn (Walters 46); Smith (cbt) (beam 90+), Henry Francis; Taylor Hart (The Surgeon 46), Science (Abraham 46), Sago Jr (Ideo 86); Butler Uediji.

Subs: Hilson, Kakuri.

Rule: James Oldham.

Presence: 5236 (326 away).