Is chemotherapy putting you down?

If you’re dealing with cancer, there are many reasons why you might be depressed. But cancer treatments like Chemotherapy It can also be a driving force behind your mood change. And the depression It can limit your health in many ways.

“Depression can hinder compliance with treatment,” he says. Susan Hedlund, LCSW, director of oncology and family services at the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland. “Meaning, if you’re really depressed, you might miss scheduled appointments and medications.”

Depression can also affect your relationships with family, friends, and your partner, so treating it is vital to maintaining your quality of life. “We know that if depression persists long enough, it can alter the brain’s neurochemistry, making withdrawal from it more difficult,” Hedlund says.

Read on to find out why your brain responds to chemotherapy in this way and what you can do to control your mood while undergoing treatment.