“It was an honor to be there”

Rangers fans sang the British national anthem ahead of their clash against Napoli in Ibrox, with Allie McCoist declaring it would be “embarrassing” if any action was taken against them to do so.

The Scottish club honored Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in their first match since her death at the age of 96 with an emotional tribute ahead of the Champions League match on Wednesday night.

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The club was determined to honor Her Majesty the Queen, who passed away at the age of 96 on September 8.

Silence of Ibrox before facing Napoli


Silence of Ibrox before facing Napoli

Rangers, a club known for its support of the monarchy, submitted requests to UEFA for the national anthem to be played after a minute’s silence in honor of the late Queen.

However, those requests were denied as UEFA said the decision was made for the purposes of consistency with their decision already not to play the competition anthem as a sign of respect.

But the Rangers chose to play the national anthem anyway via the Ibrox PA system, with fans duly joined in.

A mosaic of Her Majesty was displayed shortly before the two teams entered the pitch. Rule Britannia chants were also heard across the stands as both teams stood in the tunnel.

A silence in memory of Elizabeth II was then flawlessly observed before the national anthem was played and fans packed up with great enthusiasm, as Rangers defied UEFA orders.

Fans paid their respects for Britain's longest-reigning


Fans paid their respects for Britain’s longest-reigning

UEFA will now consider whether to take any action against the club over the playing of the national anthem, but Jers McQuest legend said it would be “ridiculous” if they did.

“If this is against the rules, I will actively encourage him. He has been fantastic,” he announced on talkSPORT.

“It wasn’t good, it wasn’t cool, what a show of unity in the country – it was amazing. The Rangers supporters, a group of boys called Union Bears, wore a Union Jack, frankly…

“I must say, the Napoli players were fantastic around the central circle and the national anthem was sung by everyone on the field. It was actually a pleasure, frankly, to see all the unity from fans and players alike.

“I don’t know if any action will be taken. How do I find it? I would find it a bit embarrassing if UEFA punished a team for singing their national anthem.

“You also have to say, if these are not special circumstances, I don’t know what is. Maybe UEFA misread the public to a certain degree.

Rangers went against UEFA orders


Rangers went against UEFA orders

“On an occasion like this, you’d probably be better off saying ‘of course,’ and to some extent, let the club do what it wanted to do. I mean, they sang the national anthem four or five days after losing the king who had ruled for 70 years.

“I certainly have no problem with that. It was an honor to be there honestly. It was wonderful. It was a wonderful show of unity for people who wanted to pay their respects to the Queen and those who wanted to show support for the new king.”

While McQuest liked to show unity off the field, he didn’t go well with Rangers on the pitch against Napoli.

There was a lot of drama as the ten-man Gears lost 3-0, with penalties being the story of the match.

Returning goalkeeper Alan McGregor saved a penalty that Piotr Zielinki reclaimed in an hour after Jerse defender James Sands was sent off before being hit from 12 yards in the 67th minute by Matteo Politano.

Giacomo Rasbador added the second goal five minutes before the end of the match, and substitute Tanguy Ndombele scored a third goal in extra time to double the misery of Gerz.