Kew Organics Energy Detailed Organic Facial

As someone who is no stranger to Kew Organics, it has been a satisfying journey to see the brand grow from strength to strength.

When I was first introduced to the skincare brand, it had one outlet to its name in Everton Park. It has since introduced Sugar K Organic Peel Bar – Singapore’s first organic peel bar – and opened new locations in Clarke Quay Central, Cluny Court and Tangs Orchard.

Her latest ad proves another milestone for the brand and Founder Lilly Keough. In the second quarter of 2023, Kew Organics will launch its first lab in Singapore, allowing more freedom in their formulations and use of certified organic, fair trade and uncommon ingredients.

Lily has always been vocal against cosmetic treatments. “Introducing foreign substances into the body has harmful effects that may be irreversible. My goal was to create products that mimic the lifting effects of Botox, without the side effects it might have.”

Rejuv Anti-Aging Skincare Set

Their latest launch, the Needle-Free Rejuv Anti-Aging Skincare Range, delivers just that, combining both medical grade and active ingredients with the goal of achieving professional results in addressing the signs of aging.

Four products make up the new line: Triple Phase Antioxidant Redefining Concentrate, Triple Strengthening and Neck Strengthening Serum, Double Face Lift Booster and Vital Wrinkle Serum. These are fortified with powerful ingredients like super fruit From organic kakadu plum to neutralize free radicals, and Hexapeptide-30, which works like Botox in the way it penetrates skin membranes, to reduce muscle activity and wrinkles to rebuild protein structures.

To test the products, I’m testing out the 99-minute organic Power Tone Bespoke facial. The session is very relaxing, and it starts with the soothing double cleansing. Lest you think organic products automatically mean facials, Kew Organics refutes that.

The gentle yet effective formulas are paired with non-invasive technology to maximize effects. Radiofrequency is first during the treatment to revitalize my skin tissues. The energy waves generated by the treatment heat up the deeper layers, which in turn leads to collagen production and improves skin sagging (i.e. skin tightening).

This completely painless procedure is followed by cryotherapy. This cold treatment improves sagging skin and restores its firmness as it stimulates collagen and fibroblast production. This not only leaves your skin glowing (a happy result), but it also helps reduce inflammation and improve texture. Best of all, it also enhances the absorption of the Rejuv Anti-Aging Needle Free Collection. Waking up ensures smoother, brighter, and happier skin, so it’s best to prolong these effects by taking the whole set home.

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