Leeds, Leicester and Fulham strangely dominate the worst squad in the Premier League this weekend

You probably have a fair crack at guessing where the defenders could come from in this squad, but we think Fulham’s midfield may have been treated a bit harshly due to him getting a slight break from Spurs.

Anyhoo, here’s the worst line-up of the weekend’s VAR-wracked Premier League action, according to WhoScored Reviewsat 4-2-3-1 this week.

GK: Dean Henderson – 5.26
There are a few lucky goalkeepers knocking this week. While Jordan Pickford and Nick Poppies had good matches, there were plenty of keepers who wrecked the entire bed, and if we know the Premier League footballers as we think we’ll definitely be looking up WhoScored nervously to see if anyone has managed to get on her. lower mark.

The unlucky man left standing in this grim game of stat-based musical chairs is Dean Henderson, whose single-match ratings in his six matches so far with Nottingham Forest tell a profound story: 7.05, 8.70, 7.77, 7.23, 4.40, 5.26. Does the algorithm have an additional specific penalty for charging three targets in one half to Bournemouth? Cruel if so, but it’s also likely to be fair. Philip Billing’s goal to cut Bournemouth’s deficit down to 2-1 was certainly an absolute classic for “Oof, what a Thunderbastard!” On the first viewing, “the bouncer will be disappointed not to do a better job” in the second viewing genre.

Right-back: James Justin – 5.71
A neat and tidy defense this week made up of players from the two most scruffy and uncluttered defensive displays. Defenders from Leicester, center back from Leeds. The best thing to say about Justin’s performance is that he wasn’t the worst defender for his team on Sunday.

CB: Diego Llorente – 4.73
It’s never a good indicator when the central defensive duo of a team makes this team, but it’s also very hard to argue when you watch the way Leeds Bombiff* slashed their way to a 5-2 defeat at Brentford, where they managed to concede more goals than Manchester. United for good. In fact, it’s very difficult to score an official ‘goal-fault’ on WhoScored, but Llorente made it in superb fashion on Saturday afternoon even though in his defense – which is as inconsequential as Leeds – it was all moot by then.

CB: Robin Koch – 5.17
He barely gets rid of five and is still comfortably Leeds’ best centre-back of the day. It was an astonishingly poor performance from Jesse Marsh’s gang, and there was no amount of performance The video assistant referee grumbled About penalties and what should be allowed to hide it. Although it does raise an interesting question about what mark WhoScored computer will give VAR this week. It’s probably really high maybe biased towards other computers, isn’t it? Everyone sticks together when it comes to it, right? make me sick.

Left-back: Luke Thomas – 5.07
Don’t score yourself goals in 5-2 defeats against legendary teams if the unfairly famous touch for not being able to score many goals is the lesson here. Incidentally, we enjoyed the ‘weaknesses’ listed by WhoScored for Leicester’s jeopardizing Amex manager’s performance: 1. Granting a lot of free kicks around the penalty area; 2. He has been caught offside often; 3. committing a large number of individual errors; 4. Eczema.

cm: Ibrahim – 6.02
Sometimes it can be very difficult to see what a particular performance offends all the know-it-alls, sometimes you carelessly throw the ball away in the early stages to give the other team a clear shot, take a shot over the bar with clear and better passing options available, get You get to book and generally meander around the field a yard of speed before you’re out of your misery with an hour’s worth of play.

CM: Harrison Reed – 6.20
This, for example, feels a bit harsh. Fulham has been overtaken to some extent in a competition dominated by the Spurs midfield duo who haven’t always had things their own way this season, but it’s hard to say Red had a clearly horrific day or anything. And there are more Fulham to come here too.

AM: Niskin Kebanu – 5.96
We’re obviously stupid because we actually thought he looked perfectly fit for an hour, which gave Tottenham full back Emerson Royal a bit to think about on a day when Tottenham’s defense would otherwise have had a head-on time overall if Aleksandar Mitrovic didn’t have the ball.

AM: Adam Armstrong – 5.97
It suffers a bit from the old algorithm that we reckon having a specific task to keep track of Pedro Neto when necessary, work that was done fairly hard but below a few notches. I’ve wasted two respectable, if not ridiculous openings like Che Adams who nonetheless slips away from the check here. However, two shots (none of them on target), no key passes and only 19 completed passes out of 26 pass attempts hardly made up a successful afternoon by any standards.

AM: Andreas Pereira – 6.04
Just a lack of comprehensive performance that leads to nothing in all respects to the point of truly the Brazilian Fulham scheme. A solitary shot just outside the goal, with no key passes or dribbles and a handful of passes aimed at Tottenham’s well-prepared penalty area but to no avail.

CF: Joe Gilhart – 5.87
He’s been asking a 20-year-old to make his fifth Premier League debut to lead the streak against a team confident in what Brentford does. And it turned out to be too much. While the attack was clearly not Leeds’ biggest problem on Saturday afternoon, there is little positivity to say about Gilhardt’s contribution other than empathizing with the task he has been given. But three shots, none on goal and no other contribution to any of his attacking metrics would never end well for the striker, who also managed to be sent off twice and poorly controlled four times. Completing 92.3% of passes is encouraging, but attempting only 13 passes in an hour of football also highlights the fact that this was a game beyond Gilhardt.