Liverpool 2 Ajax 1: Match Ratings

Ben Johnson player ratings For The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 2 Ajax 1 in the second Champions League group stage match at Anfield…

Well, that was cute, wasn’t it?

The Reds looked too awful to play against them again, and frankly it seems ridiculous to me.

Alison: 7

It’s funny how little he has to do in games these days. Well, all days really. But mainly these days, teams keep scoring with pretty much every shot that he really can’t do much about. The end of their goal is the absolute peach.

We give him seven because we won. I’m not sure he touched it with his hands. Did he actually touch it with his hands?

Trent: 8

I’m not sure what really happened to their target, but I’m not sure he makes a lot of mistakes. Yeah, he’s falling next to him again but…wait, I just saw him on TV, yeah he probably leaves a big hole. Ha ha ha. I don’t know, sometimes teams score a good goal against you.

My thoughts on the ground were that we tried to press the ball into the right back spot in the run-up to that goal, Tsimikas and Diaz pressed the whole full back like a damn and it went off, that’s what drags us all. I do not know.

Regardless, I thought it was really good. Much improved. Great work rate without the ball, great attitude.

Virgil: 8

I thought it was awesome tonight, Virgil. It has already been run by staging, to get everyone ready. Much more on the front foot, aggressive. He looked like he took a damn and thought about this. Maybe a wake-up call. He won all his battles.

Really unlucky for the goal. The only place the ball can enter and the player hits it at a hundred miles per hour.

Joel: 10

What a football player he is. He might win the Ballon d’Or if he keeps fit.

honest with God. I don’t often feel like I want to go back in time or turn my life back or that, but damned hell, pretty sure if I had access to Delorian, I’d beat him up again when my baby was born and call him Joel. Joel Johnson. What a silly name. Christ.

Very aggressive in his defence. Funny with his quirks. I would have liked him to get some shots outside the box when he had the chance in the second half, on the left peg, mainly because I can’t really imagine what that would look like.

great head. hum on it.


Grabbed at the post for man of the match by Big Joel. Hang on, also by Thiago. The post may not have been clicked. Maybe the third. Can you win cash and finish in third place?

He was in a wrestling match with the damn first inning. Keep crashing into the million dollar dream. He won his fights, won them all night, hit about 20 chances and kept making them, and he kept going.

He likes it. Belter.

Fabinho: 8

Tonight is more aggressive, a bit of a needle at his game. Easier with a decent midfield around him, but some great tactical errors, he got the ball back high a few times. Charm.

Thiago: 10

It’s ridiculous how good it is. silly. It is just unbelievable. This head is shaking the vibrating thing. I just can’t imagine how good it would be to be able to do that. I was going to be doing it in town, Christmas shopping, trying to beat people limp, head bobbing leg trembling, shit, liars grand.

We are much better with him on the team. Can we do something about this bodily injury? crowdfunding? petition? Some kind of experimental biological trick? Any thing?

Elliot: 6

I think he’s fine tonight. Gave him away a few times first half. Wearing black boots in the first half, I think he was trying to play like Sounis, he changed to the bright orange second half.

I don’t know, not his best night. This position he plays still needs a little tweaking.

Mu: 8

Great goal. Touch, bang, 1-0. It’s crazy how you’re allowed to wrestle with him in a way that you can’t handle any other soccer player on the planet.

Unlucky a few times the second half. I felt like it might be one of the nights we don’t get a break. Great touch for a chance Nunez.

Diaz: 7

he works hard. I like to have more of him sometimes, though, when he gets the ball one-on-one like he did tonight. Not much happened.

Great header build target. Unlucky with the person across the box.

which: 8

Great tonight, pick her up as Firmino but with a real threat. Great play for Mo’s goal. Great awareness and hit him on a plate for his sake. Unlucky with the guy who kept dodging him and then fired after about 10 minutes. It’s hard to handle when he’s driving that way.

Great to have it back.


Nunes: 6

He’s not actually much when he’s playing, but he’s always in the mix and he gets a chance. Maybe he should work better for the person Mo puts it on for him, but it’s a decent effort.

Guess he starts hitting them soon.

Firmino: 5

I don’t think he’s a great diver at all, I can’t influence him tonight.

Milner: None

It could have cut a person in half.

Child, problem: N/A

like him. It looks tall. I love the defensive midfielder.

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