Liverpool will panic after forcing the “nervous” referee to “give up” the silence against Ajax

Even in light of the Champions League win over Ajax, Liverpool must be frustrated after the “nervous” referee broke the silence of the moment.

silence cure
after tuesday A totally irresponsible promise regarding the behavior of 50,000 football fansMartin Samuel is back in daily Mail In reporting assignments for matches at Anfield.

It just so happened that Liverpool pretty much held off the end of the deal, and presumably Samuel could briefly mention it and move on. After all, what more could be said about a moment of silence during which the vast majority were momentarily silent?

Well, you know it will be a good thing when Samuel cuts off his article for a “brief digression.” One, it should be noted, lasts for nine paragraphs. Like all the good sides.

“Those of us who felt Liverpool supporters would rise to mark the minute devoted to the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II would very much feel right because the vast majority of the 54,000 in attendance did just that,” he wrote.

“There was no mass booing chorus, nor a broad demonstration of dissent.”

So why are we still talking about this topic?

This may be due to the possibility of hearing the “strange sound”, and then “more noise” by those trying to calm opponents, so referee Artur Dias got nervous and blew his whistle early, in just 24 seconds.

For Liverpool, the club, that would have been disappointing. For the majority of supporters, too.

Except nothing of the sort happened. It was not a minute of silence. It was specifically referred to as a “moment of silence” on the Anfield PA system and the referee treated it strictly as such. The suggestion that he “got nervous and whistled early” is utter nonsense and paints for him In bad light, don’t bother with fans.

Samuel was on the field. He heard the message, which she called a “moment of silence.” I have ignored it. Then he made a well-observed period of thought a point of ultimately negative focus to decide the match, really feeling like that was the hope and goal throughout.

“For Liverpool, the club, that would have been a disappointment” more than anything.

one moment please
It turns out that all major sports writers suffer from selective hearing because that was Oliver Brown’s opinion of Daily Telegraph:

‘Uninhabited’? Christ.

Best of all is when Brown refers to “the moment” at the end of his tweet, having apparently subconsciously heard the message above the tannery before deciding to continue calling it a “minute of silence” anyway. Oh so close.

dog whistle
How would a journalist working for a newspaper that was rightfully ostracized in Merseyside describe the situation at Anfield?

Charlie White the sun Here with the answer:

“Only a few fans spoiled it, but they were loud enough that Portuguese official Artur Dias blew his whistle after just 25 seconds.”

It is curious how easy it is for the country’s best-selling newspapers to publish a devastating misrepresentation of the truth.

A moment of silence – again, I declare exactly that way – that Manchester United Which took place before their Europa League match against Real Sociedad lasted a few more seconds but didn’t come close to a minute. Because it was not a minute of silence. Nor Liverpool. This is really all pathetic.

Engine, engine, number nine
finished in daily mirrorDavid Maddock believes Liverpool have “finally gone on high gear” and that “top mechanic Jurgen Klopp will take a lot of the passion out of the fact that his side’s engine is finally looking nice again”.

This same team lost 4-1 to Napoli In what Klopp called “the worst game since I was here” six days ago. It may be worth waiting a little longer before announcing their return.

Darwin’s theory
As Maddock wrote, of Liverpool’s poor finishing touch:

That even extended to a terrible late miss for substitute Darwin Nunez, a memorable £85m summer signing, who nearly crossed an open goal after some precise action from Mohamed Salah, who saw a shot hit the crossbar shortly after. “.

Oh Mediawatch won’t forget how I wrote the following in June:

With Nunez, Liverpool will have that smoothness, but with one additional ingredient – a more clinical scoring talent. He can play left, he can go backwards, he can fall into the false nines and create, but what he can do without question, is find the net. 34 goals for Benfica attest to that.

One goal for Liverpool less than that.

Perhaps that is why Klopp is hoping to essentially exchange Senegalese Mane for Nunez for little money. A 30-year-old player has a good scoring record, and a 22-year-old player with a better number replaces him.

Liverpool signed Nunez for £85m and sold Mane for up to £35m. In other words: “Very little money, net.”

Like Manchester City with Erling Haaland, Klopp probably thinks he needs one last piece of the jigsaw, that top scorer to win the shortest games. But unlike Haaland, Nunez will not disrupt his system.

It was strange to write at that time And three months of hindsight wasn’t nice.

Hey Arnold
Trent Alexander-Arnold will find it “difficult” to start with England at the World Cup, as Rio Ferdinand says after Ajax’s foul, “the screaming is part of the MailOnline The title is not particularly worth repeating in its entirety.

Dele Alli and Jesse Lingard both started England games under more Gareth Southgate than Trent Alexander-Arnold. Danny Rose has more hats at that time. Alexander-Arnold’s solitary appearance at a major international tournament was a fatal defeat to Belgium at the 2018 World Cup.

Is it absolutely necessary to capitalize the word “difficulty” for an opinion that is not only perfectly logical but widely accepted to be correct and fully supported by mounting evidence?

nag head
“Julian Nagelsmann expresses his concern about Sadio Mane after his dislocation against Barcelona” is one of the interesting headlines in Daily Mirror website.

The 30-year-old with a good scoring record has five goals in 10 games for his new club, so what could that be worrying about?

“He put in a lot for Liverpool. He is a new signing. He just needs to adapt. He was trying. I am sure he will work out for us.”

Nagelsmann looks noticeably worried.

Let’s talk about Cesc
Can Chelsea tame the new Erling Haaland? Requests MailOnlineBenjamin Sisco discusses.

The Salzburg striker scored 17 goals in 62 Premier League matches for club and country.

At the same age (19 years, 3 months, 14 days), Haaland has scored 43 goals in 73 matches for club and country, including five hat-tricks, one of which was in the Champions League.

One of these things is not the same as the other.

Graham crackers
“Graham Potter admits he did not play in the Champions League before Chelsea’s first game against RB Salzburg” – Sun’s website.

This is recognition. Oddly enough, the former York City and Macclesfield Town left-back whose coaching career took him from the women of Ghana to Leeds Carnegie, Ostersunds, Swansea and Brighton may not yet have attended a live Champions League match.