Macaulay Langstaff: The Notts County striker who faced Erling Haaland in scoring

Notts County’s Macaulay Langstaff and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland were the first players in the top five teams in England to score double figures for league goals.

When Manchester City star Erling Haaland hit a low shot in the bottom corner against Wolverhampton, Macaulay Langstaff knew what to do.

“A little bit of me was thinking, ‘Hey Haaland scored again, so I better score today,'” the 25-year-old Notts County striker said.

At the time, Langstaff was on the Magpies team bus as it drove around London on its way to Dorking.

On the way to last Saturday’s game, he and his Notts teammates were watching the match Premier League champions Manchester City move away from Wolverhampton at the start of the match.

Haaland’s goal, his 11th in the league, raised expectations for a goal glut of Langestaff – the only player in the Premier League who has managed to keep pace with the Norwegian in his scoring schemes.

Notts highlighted the stats on social media the day before the National League meeting with the Dorking Wanderers, and the reaction was immediate – Langestaff’s teammates quickly slammed the ‘non-league’ Haaland.

“I know it’s just fun, but it was a pleasure to see my name on the scorers lists in the top five leagues and see him at the top and I tied him with 10 before Saturday,” Langestaff told BBC Sport.

“Seeing this is a bit crazy. I get a lot of confidence from that, you know. Just to mention it in the same sentence as a noun like that is great.”

“I love scoring goals”

While Langstaff was unable to add to his tally on Saturday, in a 3-1 defeat Who ended Notes’ unbeaten start to the season, he is determined to “try to keep up with Haaland”.

“As a striker, you take such little things as motivation,” said Langstaff, who scored six goals in five games last August to win the National League Player of the Year award.

“I love scoring goals and I want to break my own record last season.”

It was 32 goals last season for Gateshead in the Northern National League that made Teseder – who had been playing for £40 for his appearances seven years ago in the 10th division – one of the most sought-after players outside the league.

Macaulay Langstaff celebrates scoring for Notts County
Macaulay Langstaff scored 10 goals in his first eight games for Notts County

Notts coach Luke Williams was hired just as Notts were on the verge of signing deals for Langstaff and Sedwin Scott, his partner who scored 26 goals at Gateshead.

The Magpies chief said it was a “simple” decision to throw his support behind the double-signing, after watching the highlights, going over the stats and meeting the pair.

After beating Covid at the start of the season, former Dundee striker Scott has now scored four goals in his past five games and says he will continue to “flip away” to keep up with Langestaff and “driving on” Langestaff.

“We both fancy scoring goals,” Scott said.

Asked about Langstaff’s start to the season, Scott said: “He called himself an outsider Haaland. But we’re not going to let that go to his head.”

“Al-Ghafir loves Haaland”

While Langstaff laughed in response, saying “there’s no way I said that,” he freely admitted that he did everything he could to adopt elements of the Norwegian game.

“I watch videos of him, and even though we’re a little different in terms of the way we play, a lot of what we do is the same,” Langstaff said.

“I come home and try to recreate what he does on the pitch. I take a lot of the things he does, little tips, and his movement in the penalty area is incredible. He scored a lot of extra hits and I’m watching to try as much of his game into my game as I can” .

“The old man loves,” says Langstaff, Haaland helps.

He added, “He was showing us videos of him all the time, how good he is and how effective he is.”

Williams is keen to see Langstaff avoid pressure on him “to emulate the most effective No.9 in the world right now”, but appreciates the comparisons being made.

“We know the levels are far apart, but the attitude and thoughts of the two men are very similar,” Williams said.

The only thing they have in common is that they have strikers in a new league and have scored abundant goals for their new clubs.

Langstaff, who was on Middlesbrough records when he was young, admits he never envisioned getting to that level when he went into ‘early retirement’ while playing for Bellingham Cynthia in the tenth level of the game as a teenager.

He said, “I loved him.” “I was paid to play football every week, whatever the cost.

“After my first season with Bellingham Cyntonia, I didn’t go back to pre-season because I didn’t want to play anymore. I thought I’d do other things, I was in college.

“But when I saw my team-mates were going to play, I missed it a bit so I thought I would come back. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason for my finger, but I scored a lot of goals after that and from retiring early. I ended up First professional deal with Gateshead [in February 2017]. “

A loan spell with Blythe Spartans, then a move to York City before a second spell with Gateshead led to a move to Meadow Lane and the Notts trying to return to the Premier League after a four-year absence.

“Now I’m more driven than ever,” Langstaff added.

“I’m hungrier and hungrier every day because of the trip I’ve taken.”