Manchester City 2-1 Borussia Dortmund: Erling Haaland scores the winning goal while the hosts come from behind

Erling Haaland was frustrated for long periods against his former teammates

Erling Haaland’s superb goal capped Manchester City’s dramatic comeback and condemned former club Borussia Dortmund to a painful Champions League defeat at the Etihad Stadium.

City struggled against a cool-down Dortmund, who took the lead when the superb Judd Bellingham crossed from Marco Reus in the 56th minute.

Pep Guardiola’s side looked for inspiration and found the equalizer 10 minutes from time when defender John Stones fired a powerful shot past Dortmund goalkeeper Alexander Mayer.

Inevitably, it was up to Haaland to create a truly special moment four minutes later, as he showed an impressive athletic performance to fly through the air and score from Joao Cancelo’s cross.

Haaland’s magic moment

Haaland has been kept relatively calm by his former teammates at Dortmund, but this distinguished striker still made an impressive contribution as City came back from behind to win.

The young Norwegian player was on the sidelines of the match, but sent a warning with a shot that hit the post from outside minutes before scoring.

The Stones equalizer, who hit hard but ran into few snags from the oddly static goalkeeper, Meyer shifted the focus of Dortmund’s quiet defense match, orchestrated by veteran Mats Hummels and with Bellingham pulling the strings in midfield, and left City. Frustrating.

City suddenly felt the win, but it was something special when Haaland blasted through the air to meet Cancelo’s cross with his outstretched left foot to deflect the ball away from the disbelieving Mayer.

It brought a wide smile to the face of his father, former City midfielder Alf-Inge, who was watching in the stands. He reenacted the moment but, understandably, without his son’s flexibility and elegance.

Haaland’s goal was 13 this season and his 26th in 21 Champions League matches.

City fans rejoiced because this was exactly that moment when the 22-year-old signed on, deciding which major Champions League matches seemed to be turning away from them.

This means City now have a maximum return of two games and every team in the competition will fear the attacker.

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  1. band number4player namePhilips
  2. band number19player nameAlvarez
  3. band number20player nameBernard Silva
  4. band number47player namefoot

Borussia Dortmund

  1. band number33player nameMayer

  2. band number24player nameMounir

  3. band number25player nameSule

  4. band number15thplayer nameHummels

  5. band number13player nameRafael Guerrero

  6. band number22player nameBellingham

  7. band number23player nameCan

  8. band number6player nameOzkan

  9. band number7player nameRina

  10. band number20player namedecent

  11. band number11player namerios

  1. band number4player nameSchlutterbeek

  2. band number18player nameMokoko

  3. band number21player namegrinding

  4. band number27player nameectodermal

line up


formation – composition 4-3-3

  • 31Ederson
  • 5stones
  • 25akanji
  • 6what or what
  • 7Cancellation
  • 17De Bruyne
  • 16RodriBooked in 53 minutes
  • 8Gundoganhas been replaced byBernard Silvain 58 ‘Minutes
  • 26Mahrezhas been replaced byAlvarezin 58 ‘Minutes
  • 9Haalandhas been replaced byPhilipsin 90 + 2′Minutes
  • 10Grealishhas been replaced byfootin 58 ‘MinutesBooked in 90 minutes


  • 3Robin Dias
  • 4Philips
  • 18Ortega
  • 19Alvarez
  • 20Bernard Silva
  • 21Gomez
  • 33Carson
  • 47foot
  • 80Palmer
  • 82Louis
  • 97wilson esbrand

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formation – composition 4-3-3

  • 33Mayer
  • 24MounirBooked in 90 minutes
  • 25Sule
  • 15thHummels
  • 13warrior
  • 22Bellingham
  • 23Can
  • 6OzkanBooked in 88 minuteshas been replaced byectodermalin 88 ‘Minutes
  • 7Rinahas been replaced bygrindingin 62 ‘MinutesBooked in 79 minutes
  • 20decenthas been replaced bySchlutterbeekin 78 ‘Minutes
  • 11rioshas been replaced byMokokoin 88 ‘Minutes


  • 4Schlutterbeek
  • 10T Hazard
  • 17wolf
  • 18Mokoko
  • 19Brandt
  • 21grinding
  • 27ectodermal
  • 30with wire
  • 36dung
  • 38uncut
  • 44Coulibaly

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