Manchester United trio escape excitement over ‘insulting’ comments as Ten Hag targets ‘brave’ players

Man United trio Eric Bailly, Dean Henderson and Anthony Martial are unlikely to face the consequences of their negative statements about the club, according to a journalist.

The Red Devils are still struggling to return to the height of Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign, which ended in 2013, with rumors of several unhappy players.

Current Man United striker Martial was one of the latest strikers in the situation surrounding the club last season when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick took over.

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Martial Solskjaer – who was temporarily replaced by Pranjnick in November 2021 – has been criticized for insisting on playing last season despite his injury.

The Frenchman said: “The last two seasons, I played regularly injured. People don’t know that, I couldn’t speed up during the four months since the Covid season. Coach Solskjaer told me he needs me, so I play.

“Looking at my game, if I can’t speed up, it gets too complicated. And I set fire to…the coach didn’t even bother telling the media.

“Obviously, I ended up getting injured pretty well and when I come back, I’m done, I don’t play anymore. I took it really badly. I had a feeling of being wronged.

“You are asked to sacrifice yourself for the team and behind you get fired. To me, it’s almost treachery, that’s all I hate. It can be blamed, but not for being a fake.”

Martial’s comments come next Billy accused Manchester United of bias towards the English And the England goalkeeper Henderson has complained about his treatment at the club.

When a fan asked him about their “insulting” comments and whether the trio would face consequences, the athlete Journalist Laurie Whitwell responded: “This got 28 likes so it deserves attention. The last line also made me smile.

“You’re right, on every occasion you remember the player has been speaking away from United so I probably felt comfortable being honest. They’ve all also experienced a build-up of frustrations over many months, if not years.

“It does not reflect well on United’s performance that players are willing to sign up for complaints, and the concerns they raise need to be taken into account.

“I got a feel for the underlying issues when Juan Mata told me about the declining ‘standards’ at United during our interview, even though he was a diplomat.

“Likewise, the players want to protect their reputation and show they care. With regard to the trio you mentioned, United may object to some copying of what happened. It is unlikely that any of them will face a penalty.

“United knows how Henderson felt on his own anyway and might want to come back at the end of the season regardless. Martial’s issues are with the previous coaches and United want a new striker no matter what. Bailly will be sold next summer if a buyer can be found.

“Overall, United have moved into a position that sees value in players speaking to the media. It increases their relationship with fans – a link that has appeared so badly damaged over the past year – and encourages speaking up in the dressing room. Ten Hag wants characters who are brave with their thoughts and actions. “.