Mathias Pogba makes new allegations against his brother Paul: ‘Great hypocrite, manipulator’

Mathias Pogba has made more unusual allegations about his brother Paul, claiming the former Manchester United midfielder is putting his family “at risk”.

Mathias, 32, has been charged and detained over an alleged plot to extort money from the France international.

Four other people have also been placed under formal investigation for racketeering and criminal association after Paul told police the gang had been threatening him since March and demanded £11m from him.

Matthias continues to insist he is innocent and his lawyer has confirmed that the decision to arrest the former Wrexham and Crowley striker will face appeal.

The unusual story began last month when Mathias released a video pledging that he would soon make a series of ‘great revelations’ about his brother, including an allegation about how Paul used a witch doctor to cast a spell on fellow France teammate Kylian Mbappe.

Although Matthias has now been charged and detained, he has done so Another video released Through a “robot”, he reveals these “long-awaited discoveries”.

He asserts that “the masks will fall” and describes Paul, 29, as a “great hypocrite, manipulator and cunning”.

Matthias Pogba (left) has released a ‘long-awaited reveal’ about his brother Paul (right)

“If you are reading this message, my bot will do the auto-send job,” Matthias said. It also means that I am no longer free, either by my brother’s followers or by the police. This is how slanderers silence me.

Now, here are some long-awaited discoveries, which I hope will shed some new light and help understand why there is such a tireless effort to silence and distort my hearing, because what I have to say is not limited to Mbappe. Being famous doesn’t have to be a good person. Nobody is above justice.

Mathias claims that the duo’s mother is on the side of the World Cup winner against her will.

Following Matias’ original video, the couple’s mother Yo Moriba co-signed a statement with Paul and his agent Raffaella Pimenta declaring the allegations were unfortunately unsurprising.

The 32-year-old striker posted his latest video via

The 32-year-old striker posted his latest video via a “bot” after he was charged and detained

Mathias (above) accused Paul, the France international, of putting his family 'in danger'

Mathias (above) accused Paul, the France international, of putting his family ‘in danger’

“Many will be shocked and find it hard to believe, but it’s the truth,” Matthias continued. This is why our family and loved ones are in danger today.

The problem is that he used those ties and their names to protect himself on the street.

I did not know this until he betrayed his followers and fled without telling anyone, leaving me, leaving his family and relatives a target for these thieves.

The only reason we didn’t go to the authorities was for fear of reprisals, since we had no way of protecting ourselves all.

I had to blame Paul for his behavior before he fit in to keep our mother out of harm’s way, take care of her and abandon others. Of course he made her stand alone without any protection, while he was quiet in his castle behind his bodyguards. Also, this was not free. My mother had to stand by him.

Paul told police that a gang had been threatening him since March and was demanding £11m

Paul told police that a gang had been threatening him since March and was demanding £11m

Matthias also reiterated his allegations about Paul’s alleged “magic” plot on Mbappe, noting that the Juventus midfielder had met a “witch”.

The 32-year-old claims that one magic incident occurred when Pogba’s Manchester United played for Mbappe’s side in the 2019 Champions League.

This person, my brother, has become a follower of magic in recent years, and has become a follower of a magician.

This sorcerer is the one you spoke of as someone who worked to isolate my brother. My brother has, on several occasions, cast spells on his comrades, including the prodigy Kylian Mbappe either out of jealousy or to win a match.

At Paul’s request, the magician is tasked with neutralizing Kylian Mbappe [when United played PSG]who at that time was blessed with a rapid rise, far above Paul’s fame.

Matthias claims that Paul

Mathias claims Paul “sabotaged” Kylian Mbappe when Manchester United played for PSG

Paul did his best to get close to Killian, pretending to be his friend. I called him a lot, you can see them from his arm. It got to the point that Kylian was on the verge of stipulating his next contract with Paris Saint-Germain that Paul would play there.

While behind his back, Paul did magic to sabotage these matches. The magician himself said that he had to stop the magic that was done with Kylian at the risk of ruining his career, knowing that he was paid for the work.

The injured Juventus star is currently denying the witch doctor’s allegations and says they are made up to discredit him.

according to Parisian (via Football-Italia), the 29-year-old is currently under police protection in Turin.