Norwich City – Bristol City: Player ratings, match report

9:41 PM Sep 14, 2022

10:10 PM Sep 14, 2022

Norwich City came during a tense second half to defeat Bristol City 3-2, goals from Timo Pukki and Josh Sargent scored their sixth victory in the Canary Championship.

At the end of the first half, it was Pukki who opened the scoring, grabbing a free kick from Kenny McLean before Dan Bentley spinned and headed into the open net.

The Finn then doubled his side’s lead 12 minutes later, hitting the net via Zach Wiener’s swerve after Aaron Ramsey stole Alex Scott and sent him off.

But Bristol made things difficult before the break, with Nicky Wells hitting a header from Tommy Conway.

Sargent appeared to make the match comfortable when substitute Gabriel Sara headed a header, but Antoine Semenio’s final touch made it 3-2.

However, the hosts were able to see the match out of play, and now they go to Saturday’s meeting with West Bromwich Albion after amassing 19 points from their first nine games.

Norway city (4-2-3-1):

Norwich City will face Bristol City in the tournament.
– Credit: Newsquest


33. McGovern (goalkeeper)

6. Gibson (for Hanley, 84)

9. Hugel

10- Doyle (Lonnez, 84)

17. Sarah (for Ramsay, 60)

21- Sinani (for Pukki, 76)

25. Hernandez (on for Cantwell, 60)

Coach: Dean Smith

Reservations: no one

Bristol (3-4-1-2):

Bristol City face Norwich City in the tournament.

Bristol City face Norwich City in the tournament.
– Credit: Newsquest


12. O’Leary (goalkeeper)

8. Williams (for Conway, 76)

9. Martin (Latkinson, 84)

10. The King

11. Semenio (by Sykes, 68)

19. Tanner

30. Blessings

boss: Nigel Pearson

Reservations: no one

Important moments

1 – Byram sent the ball to Wiemann at the edge of the Norwich box, but pulled his effort away from a promising position.

11- Norway goal (Bokki): McClain sends a quick, long free kick toward Pukki, who seizes the ball when Naismith misses the ball. The Finn’s first touch lifts it around the goalkeeper, before finishing with a skillful header.

23 – Norway goal (Puke): Ramsey dismisses Scott and moves to Bucky with the Bristol defense exposed. The 32-year-old makes no mistake with the help of Vyner’s deflection.

28- Sykes cut the ball back to Wales in the space inside the penalty area, but his shot was saved by Omobamidel. The ball falls into Da Silva’s hand and he has to score, but Aarons dives in to stop his effort.

40 – Bristol hits the ball well to Sykes after giving McClain possession, but Robbins’ full-back blasts off from the corner of the penalty area.

44 – Bristol (Conway) goal: Wells finds space in Norwich and chooses Conway six yards to head into the net.

First half – Norwich City 2-1 Bristol City

47- Scott sends a cross to Wales in the penalty area, but his tamed header was straight at Kroll and the Dutchman collects it.

65 – Norwich (Sargent) goal: Sarah’s angle finds Sargent cleverly guiding his header toward goal, and Bentley can’t stop it despite helping her.

74 – Nunez picks up the ball 25 yards and shoots exactly as the crowd asked him to. Bentley gets better at turning the ball back because it deflects and bounces in front of him.

76 – Bristol goal (Simino): Williams steals Nunez in the Norwich box and the ball falls into the hands of Semenio, who pierces Kroll’s legs for the first time with a 3-2 score.

90- Byram puts Hernandez away on the table and finds the Cuban Sargent. He rocks with Sinani, but the Luxembourg international skies was his twisted effort.

Full time – Norwich City 3-2 Bristol City

Player ratings

Kroll 6, Aarons 7, omepamidil 7, Hanley 8, Byram 6, McLean 8, Cantwell 6, Nunes 6, Ramsay 8, Sargent 5, Bucky 9. Subs: Sarah 7, Hernandez 6, Sinani 6.

Match stats

Property: 47 pieces -53 pieces

shots: 12-9

On target: 6-4

Errors: 10-7

Angles: 2-5

Attendees: 25287

Rule: David Webb