Patients with Sjögren’s syndrome rate their pain as 5 out of 10

September 20 2022

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A characteristic feature of many rheumatic diseases, including Sjögren’s syndrome, is the presence of pain and fatigue.
The Sjögren Foundation has re-shared findings from a recent patient survey, including a special look at how patients with Sjögren’s syndrome view their relationship to pain. According to the foundation, survey participants rated their own personal pain score on a five on a scale from zero to 10. All The survey is available online.

In recognition of Pain Awareness Month, Healio has compiled a list of recent articles chronicling pain management in rheumatology. Read the most popular pain management stories from this year:

Graphic for Pain Awareness Month

According to the Sjögren Foundation, survey participants rated their own personal pain score on a five on a scale from zero to 10.

Two-thirds of older adults with joint pain use over-the-counter pain control treatments

Most seniors with joint pain feel they can handle said pain without a doctor’s help, while 66% report treating their joint pain with over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, according to a survey. Read more.

Children with adverse childhood events may have worse chronic pain symptoms

Children with chronic pain or rheumatic diseases who experienced adverse childhood events may be more likely to have worse symptoms and “functional impairment,” according to data published in pediatric rheumatism. Read more.

Myositis pain strategies are ‘not uniform’ and require ‘multiple approaches’

Among patients with polymyositis, younger individuals with dermatomyositis are more likely to experience pain, while those with polymyositis are more likely to receive opioids, according to data published in rheumatism. Read more.

For opioids, the morphine equivalent daily dose should be “a guideline, not a dogma”

Physicians considering using opioids for pain should perform manual calculations before referring to conversion charts and online calculators, according to a speaker at the 2022 Clinical Rheumatology Conference. Read more.

Medical cannabis grows in acceptance, improves pain in many rheumatic diseases

A presenter at the Society of Rheumatology Nurses Conference in 2022 said that medical cannabis is increasingly accepted and has benefits in managing pain in patients with rheumatic diseases, but more research is needed. Read more.


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