Premier League predictions: Chris Sutton faces editors bassist and Aston Villa fan Russell Leach in weekend matches

BBC Sports football expert Chris Sutton picks the scores for every Premier League game this season against a diverse group of guests.

For this weekend’s games, he faces Editors Guitarist Russell Leach.

The editors’ new album, EBM, will be released next week. They started a UK tour in January.

The Editors formed in Birmingham in 2002 and had two platinum-selling albums and a Mercury Award nomination.

Leach is a lifelong Aston Villa fan because of his godmother, and he went to his first game in over 30 years.

“My parents weren’t football fans,” he told BBC Sport. So she was the one who was like, ‘You have to support Villa.

“Every gift I got from her for Christmas or birthdays had something to do with Villa – it worked too, because I became obsessed with it even though all my fellow Manchester United fans, rather than supporting their local team, were.

“That’s how it really started. My first game was in 1991, and it’s been a real journey with Villa since then – from title contenders to relegation and back to the Premier League.

“I was there at Wembley for the play-off final when we went up in 2019, and that was a very important event.

“I really loved being in the Championship – I went to a lot of games when we were there and it was nice to see us win a lot of them for a change because we had a few years of being so bad just hovering over the Premier League relegation zone.

“It’s great to be back in the Premier League of course, but there is still a lot of ups and downs. We bounced back under Steven Gerrard when he took over last season and then all of a sudden everyone started talking about the challenge we have in the top six, but it doesn’t. It works like that – unfortunately!

“This season hasn’t been easy. It looks like we’ve bought a lot of players who may not be exactly what we need on the pitch, and things like the Tyrone Mings saga – when Gerrard took him off the captaincy – didn’t help the team mood either.

“It will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks. It looks like the fans have turned a little bit on Gerrard so he needs more results and performances like the ones we saw against Manchester City last time.”

result Sutton contact
Aston Villa / Southampton xx 2-1 2-1
Notim Forest vs Fulham xx 0-2 1-1
Wolves vs Man City xx 1-3 0-3
Brighton x Crystal Palace s s s
Newcastle x Bournemouth xx 4-0 3-0
Tottenham x Leicester xx 4-1 2-0
Brentford x Arsenal xx 1-1 2-3
Man United vs Leeds s s s
Everton x West Ham xx 1-2 0-0
Chelsea x Liverpool s s s

Brighton – Crystal Palace, Manchester United – Leeds and Chelsea – Liverpool match postponed.

The correct score (choosing to win, draw or lose) is worth 10 points. You win the exact result 40 points.

SUTTON Predictions

Matches begin at 15:00 GMT unless otherwise noted


Aston Villa / Southampton

Aston Villa – Southampton (20:00 GMT).

This is a really big game for Aston Villa as we approach the international break with Gerrard under some pressure.

Southampton have had a better start to the season than Villa, but fans will expect to win this season.

It will be close, but I think Villa will outsmart it.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-1

Expect Russell: I went to this match when we played Saints at the beginning of March. It was my fortieth birthday and We won 4-0, Which was a very nice touch – what a birthday present! But since then, we’ve only won four more matches [out of 18] So it’s a test time for Gerrard and he really needs to win here, because there will be more hum about his future if we don’t. I’m going in this game as well – it will be my first game of the season – and I think it will be a tough game but hopefully we can beat it. 2-1

Nottingham Forest x Fulham

Nottingham Forest – Fulham (20:00)

This is a huge game for Nottingham Forest as well, having lost 3-2 to Bournemouth last time at City Ground, after taking a 2-0 lead.

I thought the method of that defeat could be detrimental to Forest and their fans, and we may find out how resilient they are here because Fulham will try to beat them.

Aleksandar Mitrovic scored two goals when Fulham won this match 4-0 in the championship last season. Jungle fans won’t thank me for saying this, but I don’t think they’ll keep Mitrovic calm this time either, even though they have a completely different team.

Sutton’s prediction: 0-2

Expect Russell: Like us, Forrest needs a home win, but I actually think this will end in a draw. Fulham looks very solid and they haven’t changed much, while there is plenty of bedding to do in Forest. 1-1


Wolves vs Man City

Wolverhampton – Manchester City (12:30)

I was in this match at the end of last season, when Manchester City won 5-1 And Kevin De Bruyne was a very genius.

Wolves now have to worry about stopping Erling Haaland as well, and Borussia Dortmund were the last team to find out how difficult that could be, even after defending well in most of their matches at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday.

I really imagine the Wolves will score, but I don’t see them taking City away. Pep Guardiola’s side won’t run away this time, but they will leave with the points again.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-3

Expect Russell: City looks really strong already and it’s almost like saying you can give them the title now. 0-3

Email Jack Grealish: I watched Jack develop as a Villa player during our time in the tournament – he was very young when he played for us as a teenager in the FA Cup Final in 2015, but look at him now he is a different beast. He didn’t have a great first season at City but we know how good he is and when he gets fully fit again I hope he shows everyone what he can do.

Brighton x Crystal Palace

Brighton BB Crystal Palace

This game has been postponed.

Newcastle x Bournemouth

Newcastle x Bournemouth

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe will be desperate to beat his former club and there are several reasons why Newcastle would do so convincingly.

Howe now has quite a few options up front and you know his team will play up front and create a lot of chances at St James’ Park. They should get some goals, too.

Bournemouth will try to build on their win at Forest last time around, but I can’t see them getting any of that out of it. They’ve proven me wrong before, though.

Sutton’s prediction: 4-0

Expect Russell: Eddie Howe Derby! He’s doing a great job at Newcastle and they will be very strong for Bournemouth. 3-0

Tottenham x Leicester

Tottenham – Leicester (17:30)

Tottenham only suffered their first defeat of the season against Sporting Lisbon on Tuesday, but I have to say I don’t think their performance has always been as good as their results in the past few weeks.

Spurs haven’t always clicked, which is something their manager Antonio Conte should consider, but they still have to do short work with Leicester even if they don’t play well this time either.

Foxes have a lot of firepower themselves, but their defensive problem is obvious – it always seems that they will receive targets.

I’ve kept Tottenham striker Son Heung-min in my fantasy team because that looks like a good match for him to get off the mark this season – so it would be my fault if it didn’t.

Sutton’s prediction: 4-1

Expect Russell: I can’t help but see another defeat for Leicester. Spurs have always been good going forward, but Conte has made it tough in defense as well. Whoever makes the top four will be very interesting this season, but I think they will be in it. 2-0


Brentford x Arsenal

Brentford / Arsenal (12:00)

Brentford made a great start last season Beating Arsenal at home In their first match after the upgrade, and there will be a crack atmosphere this time as well.

The Gunners are much better than they were 12 months ago, but the Bees have recently shown against Manchester United and Leeds that they hold a real threat.

So this will be a tough test for Arsenal – and I have a misleading feeling that Brentford will take something out of the game.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-1

Expect Russell: This will be a target festival! I’ve been impressed with Arsenal so far, but I feel like this is going to be one of those crazy games. 2-3

Man United vs Leeds

Manchester United BB Leeds

This game has been postponed.

Everton x West Ham

Everton x West Ham (14:15)

This game has got a graphic written all over it – that’s why I’m going to achieve a completely different result!

You could argue that both teams have been somewhat unlucky not to get more points so far – West Ham in particular were on the wrong end of a terrible VAR decision in their defeat to Chelsea last time out.

Everton are still looking for their first league win of the season, although there was no big mistake in their performance against Liverpool in their last game, and they became a tough team to beat.

Winning will start the season for both sides, and I think the Hammers will be the ones to get it. They beat Everton at home and away last season, and I’m going to score a repeat – almost.

Sutton’s prediction: 1-2

Expect Russell: Derby David Moyes! I thought Everton manager Frank Lampard might be one of those under pressure early on but he seems to be building a decent squad. They played well in the Merseyside derby and would be three points away here, but I think Moyes will ensure that West Ham are not defeated. 0-0

Chelsea x Liverpool

Chelsea BB Liverpool

This game has been postponed.

Chris Sutton and Russell Leach were speaking to BBC Sport’s Chris Bevan.

How did Sutton perform last week?

No matches were played in the Premier League last weekend after football was paused as a sign of respect following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ali Bruce Paul 110
Serge Bitzorno 70
Bad Boy goalkeeper Chiller Crowe 70
Chris Sutton 62 (average after six weeks)
Ross MacDonald from 1975 60
Tom from the dry cleaners 40
juice danger 20
You are* 30/60
Chris 28/60
Guests 25/60

* Predict win, draw, lose based on highest votes per match.

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