Ronaldo can help guide Manchester United into ‘history’ and ‘title tilt’ after Anthony’s message

Even when Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates Manchester United goals, anything is possible. Like the Premier League title. or the actual date.

Crest Cross
Neil Costis the sunFebruary 13:

The truth now staring into everyone’s faces, and obviously Ronaldo himself, is that his days as a top-tier footballer are over.

This chapter is unfortunately not the one he or any Manchester United fan will want to re-read. It’s from a legend whose legacy is now tainted.

“There is no more magic, it’s all gone.”

Neil Costis, The Sun, July 28:

Cristiano Ronaldo in danger of entering football exile.

The 37-year-old’s continued presence while wanting to move elsewhere can only drag people down.

“A player who thinks that those around him are not good enough to take him where he wants.”

“At the same time, how can a player like Ronaldo hang out while not playing?”

Six games a season – one of which he started – under a new coach, what is Costis’ current consensus on Cristiano?

Now, he can be a part of rebuilding and coming back.

“He could be inspiring again to the young players who got into their shells around him on and off the field.”

The headline of this article is a bit of a sham, but considering the whole “legend whose legacy is now tainted” and “in danger of football going into exile” it’s funny though:

Ronaldo may be grateful to be stuck at Old Trafford with a chance to make history again

A chance to make history! They are fifth, it’s September and they lost 4-0 to Brentford three weeks ago! Find a middle ground!

address card
Keep in mind that Costis is busy writing elsewhere that “after two humiliating opening defeats to Brighton and Brentford, United fans are now dreaming of a title turn”.

Mediawatch is waiting for what looks like proof that one of these fans is out there. Manchester United fans will undoubtedly feel more positive But “dreaming about tilting the title”? stop doing.

Revolution is a mystery
The headline of Costis’ article is another Doeze: ‘Teen Hag vows it’s just the beginning of Manchester United’s revolution after Arsenal win’

This vow of Tin Hag is entirely from the man himself:

“I don’t think we are there, but we are on our way in a good direction. We have to keep going. We have to keep pushing, attitude and mentality, setting high standards every day, we have to do better, there is a lot of room for improvement. Everyone has to do their best. Their power at Carrington. From day one we have set high standards. We live by those high standards. When you show discipline, you create a winning culture, and that’s what we have to work for. That’s my demand, we have many players on the team who have won titles and they have to achieve. That standard. I understand the fans are dreaming, Manchester United’s standards have to be good, we’re at the beginning of the process, we’re still far away. We have to improve if you want to win trophies at the end.”

Well, Che Guevara. fixed on.

Also a big fan of Custis for using the word “speedsters” in his first paragraph. Were there more popular terms in football?

IceFerg نظرية theory
Erik ten Hag proud of Sir Alex Ferguson as Arsenal win nigh Daily Mirror website.

at any point can Manchester United Stop looking at it from the perspective of a guy who retired nine years ago?

Spotted: Dick
“Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to the touchline was seen when Anthony scored a goal on his Manchester United debut” – Daily Mirror website.

Oh you’ve been “monitoring” just fine. In a live broadcast watched by millions around the world. There weren’t quite a few Easter eggs that a hawk fan noticed.

That moment, the Manchester United player celebrating a goal for Manchester United, is apparently a groundbreaking development:

“Even Cristiano Ronaldo who was off the bench – United’s last player to score in his ‘first game’ in the rematch against Newcastle a year ago – gave the new boy a standing ovation” – Dave Kidd, the sun.

“Even Cristiano Ronaldo, who was still on the bench, got to his feet, clapped his hands over his head and joined the Manchester United fans as they celebrated the 35-minute moment since Anthony’s debut” – John Cross, daily mirror.

“Anthony, the £85m newcomer from Ajax, scored a goal on his debut and celebrated it with incredible enthusiasm – even Cristiano Ronaldo standing to applaud” – Jason Burt, Daily Telegraph.

Notice the common thread? Stop treating a 37-year-old man like a real kid.

pop star
This obviously lends itself to this, from Daily Mirror website:

Anthony sends a message to Cristiano Ronaldo after seeing his reaction to Manchester United’s first goal

What a paragraph, by the way:

The 37-year-old came off the bench to replace Anthony before the hour mark at Old Trafford, with the Brazilian posting a photo of the two on his Instagram story with the caption “idolo”… which literally translates to “idol” from Portuguese .”

Huh. Who knows?

winner dinner winner chicken
Anthony celebrates his first Manchester United goal hours after the match against Arsenal as he comes home from dinner with friends Sun’s website.

Well, he wouldn’t have celebrated his debut for Manchester United hours before the game against Arsenal, would he?

scammers corner
Let’s finish with a Garth Crooks hat-trick from BBC Sports Team of the Week.

Or not:

“At Wolverhampton, he looked like Wade as a captain and I still can’t quite understand why they let him go.”

To change the formation to four at the back and thus maintain the best defensive record in the Premier League after six games.

next one:

“For Forrest, they have a deep and troubling problem going on at City Ground. They seem to have an owner who believes that once he throws money at a Premier League club he can save them from relegation.

You might also say that they seem to have an owner who thinks, simply by throwing money at a Premier League club, that he can ensure the season doesn’t start with about contract players.

And finally, on Arsenal:

“Having five alternatives doesn’t mean you have to use them all.”

Good job only used four.