Scholes throws backing behind Man United’s Ice Eriksen who solved a “criminal” problem created by two players

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has described Christian Eriksen as the “perfect example” of what he looks for in a midfielder after solving a problem created by two players.

Eric ten Hag’s primary midfield target this summer was Frenkie de Jong. However, when the Dutch maestro refused to leave Barcelona, Manchester United It changed course and moved quickly to sign Casemiro.

The Brazilian still plays at Old Trafford, although the player who has benefited the most from De Jong in Spain is Christian Eriksen.

upscale danish – Recently Compared to Scholes – He was taken for free and was instrumental in helping United win four league titles.

He primarily worked alongside Scott McTominay in the dual hub role. While the Scotsman did the dirty work, Eriksen pulled the strings and helped United press the gear forward.

The central midfield has been an area that has come under fire lately. The very poor pairing of McTominay and Fred disappointed many fans and critics alike.

Scholes has been one of the characters who has seen enough of the duo, taking to social media after the 4-0 defeat to Brighton to blow the players up.

McFred is too lenient on acquisitions – Scholes

He wrote on Twitter: “Thoughts for the week: It’s all about body shape when receiving the ball, more often than not they face their target and can only play one way.

“Get a ‘half turn’ for it, and bring more talented players into the game.” I wish you a wonderful week everyone.”

He later focused on Fred and McTominay specifically, adding (through the mirror): “With Fred and McTominay, it’s [Ten Hag] You will only have to play one of them [going forward] But even one of them is probably too much.

“Fred gives the ball away all the time and McTominay tries to run the ball constantly and then gives it away.

“Pass it on to your best players! It’s not that hard. He’s a criminal on a day like today.”

Scholes praises Eriksen

However, Eriksen’s arrival severed the partnership. While McTominay starts on his side for now, the common consensus is that Casemiro will eventually take over.

Speaking on Gary Neville’s overlayed YouTube channel, Scholes was asked what qualities he looks for in a midfielder.

After naming the main feature, Eriksen described it as a “perfect” example of a smart launcher.

“Intelligence, smart players with a mind,” Scholes said. “[Eriksen] He is an excellent example of a player who plays smart.

“He’s a smart player, he knows where he is on the pitch and he knows where others are on the pitch.”

What prevents Farid and McTominay from returning?

Explaining what specifically leaves Fred and McTominay, Scholes went on, “I was probably a little rough on Scott and Fred. But they were just getting back on target the whole time.”

“Attack players facing their target, it’s a waste of time. You have to be in half a turn, so I can still see you.” [the player passing]But I can see my attacker, too.

“Playing around the corner, I saw Casemiro doing it, Eriksen doing it all the time.

“The goal they scored, Eriksen conceded it in a half-turn, passed it forward to Fernandes, who was in the middle, and they scored. The little things bother me, but if you’re playing for Manchester United you should be able to.

“You expect that, right?”