Son Heung-Min obviously needs a rest, not frantically talking about ‘dropping him’

Son Heung-Min wasn’t shooting all cylinders and the Spurs need to give him a rest, but the frantic talk of ‘bringing him down’ does no favors.

Sporting’s late goal against Tottenham in the Champions League were the two goals At the sight of the broken dam. There was a feeling from the start of the new season that this team was grinding results rather than brilliance, and that winning without style brings an inevitability about what was to follow.

Perhaps they were a little lucky in the timing of their stumble. Obviously not good news, but the defeat away from home in the second match of the Champions League group stage after winning the first match is not disastrous. They are still in a decent position in the Premier League despite their performances against Chelsea, Wolves, Nottingham Forest, West Ham and Fulham, for which nothing has been written about them.

There was a strong performance from individual players. Dejan Kulusevski continues to impress with just about every touch. Harry Kane scored five goals in six Premier League matches. Ivan Perisic has brought experience and cunning to a team notorious for losing their heads at pivotal moments. But there have been others for whom this season so far has been disastrous, and at the top of that list is Son Heung Min.

With 23 goals in the Premier League last season, Son tied the Golden Boot with Mohamed Salah although none of his goals came from a penalty kick. The Korean striker finished last season on top of a wave of popularity and recognition, but this season he simply has not caught the eye, having failed to score in any of his eight games for Tottenham this season. It is far from the pace. The first touch is often insensitive, and the shooting scenes look wrong. It seems exhausted.

And little wonders. He played 96 club matches over the course of the 2021 and 2022 seasons, as well as 14 international matches. While England’s players were losing in the Nations League, he returned to Seoul for four friendlies against Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Egypt.

He scored in two of those matches, and then Spurs arrived on their Korean tour. He scored two goals in his first friendly match against a K-Team XI representative, but hasn’t scored since then, and with the pressure turned into a score as a result of his accomplishments last season, this has certainly been noticed.

Much has been said in the press to remind Antonio Conte that no one is above falling, but that is a lot like causing mischief on the part of the newspapers. It’s hard to imagine a locker room environment that would be much less healthy than one full of “non-dropable” players, so there’s absolutely no problem with Conte saying that.

“This form was enough for Conte to claim he would be ‘crazy’ to take the 30-year-old out of the starting lineup,” the Mirror wrote. Well, yes, it is obvious. It was at the time, but we are at this moment. At the time Conte made that comment, Son was his top scorer and in incredible shape. Now he looks tired and the attackers need to be confident and in peak condition to perform at their best.

Their title for this Not happened to the story ‘Antonio Conte was sending a warning to Son Heung-min who is erring and retracting his ‘crazy’ vow. You’ll notice that in the accompanying quotes from the post-Sporting match press conference, Conte didn’t mention him personally, or include the word they put themselves in inverted commas as well.

Of course, tabloid terms focus on lasers to provoke outrage. ‘Drop’ player carries an indication of value judgment. His “rest” would have exactly the same effect, but without any of the pejorative overtones of the player being dropped. It should be obvious that Son Heung-Min simply didn’t do it forgotten how to play. What we’ve seen from him this season so far has been symptomatic; Antonio Conte’s job is to identify and treat the cause.

It seems hard to believe that giving him a break wouldn’t do any good, but South Korea will play home friendlies – their last two matches before the World Cup – against Costa Rica and Cameroon during the upcoming international break. That turmoil will continue until the end of the season, an already saturated schedule that has been pushed into uncontrollability by the unreasonable decision to cancel matches across the country due to the Queen’s death, despite no other sports doing the same.

It doesn’t look like Spurs lack attacking options either. Kulusevsky continued to impress and could consider himself very unfortunate to lose his place in the first team, and while Richarlison made headlines more for his letdown than his performance, that doesn’t mean he was flabby on the pitch either. . Players can do work for Conte, and the biggest obstacle to anything seems to be the head coach’s reluctance to change his first formation.

There are still those who would like to appear to be running more down to earth. After the Sporting match on BT Sport, Rio Ferdinand said in response to a possible disqualification “No chance, profanity”, while Michael Owen added, “I totally agree with Rio”. It was somewhat surprising to see Owen, a striker whose football career has been severely disrupted by injury, paying little heed to how tired Son looks and how much the break could benefit him and Spurs.

In the end, all this talk of “dropping it” is just too much tabloid. If he needs a rest, give him a rest. Everyone saw what he was capable of last season, and Tottenham have a large reserve up front. That was what many Spurs supporters thought would happen with Richarlison’s arrival anyway.

Spurs have scored in the Premier League, but winning and leaving the impression they are pulling away from it a bit isn’t sustainable. If Antonio Conte was a “sequence winner,” he would already be aware that grinding results is rarely on his own. Spurs have the excitement at their disposal; They should try harder to show it off.