The eight best rugby schools in the world will face each other in December, but which ones?

The World Schools Festival returns in 2022, with the best rugby schools in the world participating. Could this indicate a seismic shift in the world’s view of school rugby?

The World Schools Festival will take place from 11-18 December this year, with eight of the best rugby schools from around the world invited to participate.

There are only eight invitation places available in the main cup competition, and the best of them are known to be the best rugby schools to participate.

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Clifton College vs Millfield | School Championship | Rugby highlights

While there are limited places in the Cup competition, there will also be an open challenge competition taking place at the same time as any school to enter.

Thailand’s Pattana Sports Resort will host the 2022 edition of the World Schools Festival. Set on over a thousand acres of land and a short distance from Bangkok Airport, the place boasts many world-class facilities. This will serve as a center for global competition.

In the past, the festival has served as a key gauge on the best rugby team in the world. The 2019 edition of the tournament helped raise the profile of the South African schools, with Gray College scoring dominant victories over the Christchurch Boys.

The World Schools Festival 2022 will undoubtedly feature some rugby schools from New Zealand and South Africa. So the question is, which teams will be invited this year?


There are a large number of English rugby schools that can be invited to the World School Festival in December. Millfield, Seidberg, Wellington and Harrow appear to be the obvious choices. Millfield School completed an exciting season undefeated in 2021, defeating major rivals Sedbergh in the giant final of the season.

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Many claim that Millfield is now the strongest school in the world England After their impressive season, a World Schools Festival debut would make sense for the red, green and blue team.

next one It recently ranked the Somerset-based school at number one in its world rankings, adding another layer of prestige to the school.

Sedbergh now appears to be one of the favorites to win the Schools Championship, England’s new school rugby competition, after a convincing inaugural victory over Whitgift. Could the brown men visit Thailand to face the best teams in the world?

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Clifton College recently declared itself the best contender after its shock victory over Millfield. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a school of this caliber at an event of this magnitude.


The Emerald Islands boast some of the best rugby teams in the world. Blackrock, St Michael’s College, and Presentation Brothers are just some of the schools that come to mind when you think of the caliber on offer.

With Blackrock set to face Sedbergh in October, it is proving to be a real opportunity for both sides to show who is the best in this part of the world.

Black Rock College claims 70th place Leinster The top schools were awarded the title in April of this year, cementing their position as one of the best rugby schools in Ireland.

BlackRock wins the 70th Leinster Schools title

In recent years, St Michael’s College has established itself as one of the best teams in the game. with next one Ranking 14th in the world in 2022, we could see this team in Thailand in December.

New Zealand

New Zealand school rugby has long been associated with the World Schools Festival. We can be sure to see some of the best rugby teams in the world take part in this event this time around.

The Hamilton Boys were recently crowned 1st XV Rugby champions and have been closely associated with having some sort of run at the festival this year. Hamilton narrowly defeated the Napier Boys in last week’s Super 8 final. Having both sides get the best of both worlds, it would be a real privilege to watch.

Kelston Boys from Auckland They’ve benefited a lot from some of their superstars this season. Talents like Xavier Tito-Harris would steal the show at the World Schools Festival if they were to participate.

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Other New Zealand rugby schools, such as Rotorua Boys High School, are also having a great season, after their impressive win over Hastings earlier in the season.


There has been a lot of talk about some of the best rugby schools in Australia We have been invited to the World Schools Festival in 2022. With so many top schools to consider, and only eight major competition spots available, it shows us just how high the bar can be.

Nudgee College is one of the obvious choices to be invited to the event, with her profile as high as ever after her unbeaten season in 2021.

Parker College of New South Wales It’s the team on everyone’s lips after its impressive 25-0 win over Nudgee this month. It would be appropriate for a school of this great shape to participate in a festival of this size. ranked second in the world this year by next oneAny rugby fan would be desperate to see this side involved in one way or another.

Joey’s is another school that no one would be surprised to see involved. Joey is arguably Australia’s historically leading rugby program and with over 100 international under-18 players, it shows why.

Their dominance of the competition comes as no surprise to many with another record of 100 percent guaranteeing maximum points and an average point difference of 11 displaying their scores against very strong opponents.

South Africa

There are a lot of schools from South Africa Can be invited to this year’s World Schools Festival; Gray College, Paul Ross, Paarl Jim, Paarl Boys – the list is endless.

The narrative has been that South African school rugby is the best in the world since the nation’s strong showing at the 2019 edition of the festival. The buzz over the exploits of the likes of Jurenzo Julius is constantly growing this season.

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Which of the potential schools that will be invited from the rainbow country will certainly play a major role in the outcome of the festival.

With only eight places available in this festival’s cup, it will be difficult for many schools to get an invite to this prestigious festival.

However, one thing is for sure. The winner can call himself the best rugby school in the world.

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