Thousands of Irish households slapped €300 energy bill increases – regardless of use

An investigation has revealed that thousands of Irish households were subjected to a permanent energy fee hike of €300 during the energy crisis.

Some electricity and gas suppliers are standing shipment It went up to 700 euros a year, and it’s charged regardless of how much energy is actually used.


Standing fees for some electricity and gas suppliers have risen to 700 euros per yearCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Fixed fee rates have increased significantly compared to 2021


Fixed fee rates have increased significantly compared to 2021Credit:

The investigation by and independent It was revealed that some electricity providers have raised the permanent fee for resident customers by more than 300 euros.

Standing charges exist to reflect the fixed costs associated with providing gas and electricity to customers, and are separate from the unit cost of energy.

This means Irish households cannot avoid flat fees, regardless of their income or energy use.

After the new government’s campaign to reduce your use, designed to combat the crisis, it will have no effect on your permanent liability.

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Consumer advocates have criticized the permanent fee for hiking as families continue to struggle with the rising cost of living.

Dara Cassidy of, who compiled the figures for the investigation, said the inevitable increases over the past 18 months have made it difficult for hard-pressed families to cut energy bills.

Speaking to, he said, “Depending on your supplier and the type of meter you have, you could pay up to €700 or €800 per year in fixed charges on your own before you hit the light switch or turn on the heat for an hour.”

According to, PrePayPower has some of the highest standing fees in Ireland.

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The permanent electricity fee ranges from €500 to €713 per year, depending on their rate plan, while the current permanent fee for gas is €228, second only to Flogas.

Standing electricity costs in Ireland between €300 and €480 per year for electricity, an increase of €137-€200 over last year.

Bord Gais Energy charges electricity customers between €280 and €458 per year, depending on the plan.

Flogas’ permanent electricity fee could go up to 600 euros, an increase of between 199 euros and 326 euros over 2021.

supplier response

In response to the results, PrePayPower told that the standing fee increase is not an additional fee and has been included in all of their pricing announcements.

They added that the focus should be on the estimated annual bill (EAB). This shows that it has the lowest record unit price and the lowest EAB in the market.

Electric Ireland said the standing fee is a combination of fixed charges associated with providing and maintaining electricity supplies to its customers, noting that the increases were also an attempt to keep unit price rates at “the lowest possible unit price”.

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Bord Gáis Energy has argued that the standing fee makes up about 9 percent to 12 percent of a customer’s bill, and has been “affected by the significant increase in costs over the past two years”.

Flogas said its increases were among the lowest on the market of any other supplier and avoided massive unit price increases, while also keeping its flat fees flat in its most recent increase.