Todd Boyle inspires six ideas the Premier League can bring to the All-Star scene

Todd Buhle wants the Premier League All-Star game between North and South.

While Some do not agree with the ideaThose of us who love American sports quietly think it will be very entertaining.

Why not get the Americans out of the league by offering a weekend or an All-Star Day? Here are six ideas that can inspire you to a revival featuring the best talent in the Premier League…

All-Star Game Manager
Sometimes you’ll see a random question on Twitter asking which manager is the hardest, or Who will win the Royal Rumble?. Both are very important questions – and with Shawn Daiki out of the league, it’s hard to answer.

While the Royal Rumble would be fun (my money is on Jurgen Klopp, FWIW), the idea of ​​all 20 Premier League managers facing off in an All-Star game is pretty amazing.

Stick a random goalkeeper who gets no time in the goal, Scott Carson and Alex Manninger for the old time, and have the 10 Southern Team Managers take on the Northern Team’s 10 Managers.

Pep Guardiola, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard in midfield together against a southern side that includes Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta. Don’t pretend you don’t want to see it.

I bet Bruno Lagee would be pretty good at the dark arts.

Goalkeeper wars
Do I need to say anything? Just watch this video. Amazing.

The last man standing in the penalty shootout
There are a lot of ideas in the same boat as penalty shootouts, such as the crossbar challenge or even the free kick challenge, but the penalty kick competition will be entertaining in itself.

The competition must have one player from each club representing his team, provided that this player is nominated by the fans. Waiting for a winner from Harry Kane and Evan Tony can take some time.

All participants in the Star program are voted on in the United States, so if footballers do not adhere to the voting system, penalty shooters must. I would say that goalkeepers should be exempted from voting because they who – which It is just bloody silly. It is important not to overdo it here.

Squid/The Hunger Games brought to life
What was I saying about not overdoing it?

Don’t worry, I’m just kidding. Although seeing Darwin Nunez try to sabotage Joachim Andersen in Red Light, the green light would be a pretty cool thing.

North and South All-Star Game: City and Arsenal Trio teams make the difference based on match ratings

Rising star game
From a funny idea to a serious one that comes straight from the NBA.

The biggest basketball league in the world boasts one of the best all-star weekends, which includes the celebrity game. Imagine Piers Morgan representing Arsenal in a match with Liam Gallagher at the top in the North. Fabulous.

Anyway, the NBA has a Rising Stars Game that features the league’s best young players, mostly made up of freshmen who are in their first year in the big league.

Erling Haaland will still qualify for the Rising Stars match as he is only 22 years old, but he should be suspended for being too good.

In the NBA they do Americans versus the rest of the world, unlike East versus West. So if the teams were fair, England versus the rest would be a lot of fun.

Having said that, a lot of young English players play alongside the national team, or one of the youth teams, anyway. So probably north vs south is the way to go.

Michael Ulis, Bukayo Saka, Moses Caicedo and Dejan Kulusivci are all set to take on Phil Foden, Anthony Ilanga, Jadon Sancho and Pedro Neto. Bring. He. She. on me.

race for a place
100m race. One player per club. The winner gets an All-Star game for his region. Simple people.

So, congratulations, Adama Traore: You are an all-star superstar.

Wayne Rooney Street Striker / Football Rising AM Skill Skool
The NBA All-Star Weekend includes a skill challenge where players complete a number of obstacles in the form of a championship.

Something like this would be perfect but with some inspiration from the amazing software Wayne Rooney Street Striker Or maybe the iconic Skill Skool on Soccer AM. Basically we need to see some great professionals.

Since everything doesn’t have to be a competition when it’s one for each club, the most skilled players will be up against each other. Alain Saint-Maximin, Wilfried Zaha, Thiago, Luis Diaz, Daniel Budens, Kiefer Moore and Riyad Mahrez are likely to participate.

Take on some challenges from Street Striker before the last survivors face each other in the final match where they need to show their best tracking skills in classic Skill Skool style.

Honestly, how can people be against an All-Star Weekend involving Premier League players? What a wonderful idea.