Top 10 left-footed players – from Barnes to Salah – Liverpool

Who are the top 10 left-handed players in the history of Liverpool? From John Barnes to Mohamed Salahwe are at a loss of choice!

There is something unique about watching a player with a deadly left foot.

For whatever reason, seeing a player shoot the ball into the net while hitting his left hand is different.

Some of the game’s most amazing and charming players were left-handed, and Liverpool had their fair share.

But who are the top 10 left-handed players in the history of the Reds?

10. Patrick Berger

Attacking midfielder Berger made a huge impact after joining Liverpool in 1996, and his long left-footed efforts were something else.

His first goal was a sign of things to come. A substitute in the first half in a goalless match against Lister, burger grown from the bench. Ten minutes later, he opened his account with an excellent left-footed shot in front of Cobb. One touch and a fuss.

“Patrick Berger could shoot with his left foot, he loved it.”

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9. Fabio Aurelio

Trabzon, Turkey - Thursday, August 26, 2010: Liverpool's Fabio Aurelio plays against Trabzonspor during the second second leg of the UEFA Europa League at Huseyin Avni Aker Stadium.  (Pic: David Rawcliffe/Publicity)

One of the sweetest left feet in recent Liverpool history without a doubt. Aurelio was the talented left-back whose career the Reds took a hit with injuries.

A set-piece specialist, his most memorable goals came in a 4-1 loss Manchester United In 2009, and in Champions League against Chelsea.

8. Daniel Sturridge

Liverpool, England - Wednesday 26 September 2018: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge scored the first goal during the League Cup third round match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield.  (Pic David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Sturridge was a top-tier goalscorer, but had he avoided injuries, he really could have become one of the best Liverpool and England strikers ever.

He could score all kinds of goals with his left foot, and he was able to generate impressive power in his shots with very little backhand. His long-range efforts are fractured against West Brom In October 2013 he summed up the high-end striker he was.

“Sturridge is without a doubt one of the best strikers in the world Premier League History without all the injuries.”

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7. John Arne Reese

Barcelona, ​​Spain - Wednesday 21 February 2007: Liverpool's John Arne Reyes celebrates his first goal victory against FC Barcelona during the second leg of the UEFA Champions League knockout stage at the Nou Camp.  (Pic David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

For a lot of Liverpool fans, when they think of their left foot, they think of Reese.

A left-back who was also able to go forward, the strength the Norwegian could generate in his shots was simply unique. Put it this way, when Riise was taking a free kick, she didn’t want to be in the wall.

“John Arne Rice, Thor’s Left Foot.”

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6. Steve Higway

Steve Higway, Wembley, March 1978 (All Action/EMPICS Entertainment)

Heighway was bipedal, but his left was still good enough to warrant a place on this list.

He wasn’t naturally left-handed, but he didn’t need to differentiate any of his feet whether it was cross, dribbling, or shooting. Gorgeous all the time, with a very talented left foot.

5. Alan Kennedy

Liverpool's winning scorer Alan Kennedy celebrates the European Cup

Kennedy played more than 350 times, mostly in the first half of the decade, as a left-back.

His most famous moment came when he scored the decisive penalty kick in the 1984 European Cup final, but he also scored the winning goal in the 81st Final.

He’s been known to notice that he’s only using his right to stand up!

“Alan Kennedy, he won us the European Cup with his head, but he’s still improvised!”

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4. Ray Kennedy

Liverpool's Ray Kennedy walks off Wembley before the match (Peter Robinson/Impex Sport)

Inspiration from the left, initially signed by Arsenal As a striker, Kennedy played nearly 400 matches for the Reds, winning five titles, three European Cups and the European Cup.

He scored 72 goals and scored 55 assists with the help of his very reliable left boot. Really great for the club.

We bought it from Arsenal He was a striker and turned him into perhaps the best left-sided midfielder in the country! “

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3. Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler celebrates after scoring for Liverpool against Derby County, during the English Premier League soccer match at Pride Park, Derby.  1999. Roy Vieira/PA Archives/PA Photos)

One of Liverpool’s all-time top scorers, Fowler is undoubtedly one of the most famous scorers the club has seen.

He went on to score 183 goals in 369 appearances across two spells with the Reds, 105 of whom were left-footed.

“Fowler was ridiculous. His numbers, natural ability to score. Outrageous player, a decent playboy and liked to silence his critics.”

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“The best final player we’ve ever had!”

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2. Mohamed Salah

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday January 2, 2022: Liverpool player Mohamed Salah was fired during the Premier League match between Chelsea and Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.  The match ended in a 2-2 draw.  (Pic David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Egyptian king. When Salah arrived from Roma in the summer of 2017, no one could have fully imagined that he would continue his career with Liverpool until now.

A unique talent and amazing goalscorer. thunderbolt against him Chelsea In 2019 I tell you everything you need to know about his left foot talents.

“The best because of the goals he scored and the titles he won.”

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1. John Barnes

LIVERPOOL, England - Saturday 6 January 1996: Liverpool's John Barnes plays against Rochdale during the FA Cup third round match at Anfield.  (Photo by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

It simply had to be a “digger”. Barnes was an imposing player, a completely unstoppable attacker in his prime, with a fairly good left foot.

He won the league title twice with the Reds, in addition to the FA Cup twice and one League Cup.

“He used to rip every team’s defense to shreds whenever he wanted – an absolute score.”

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“At the time it was a tougher match for the strikers, but he made it look so easy.”

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