Tottenham faces a major blow in the Champions League

Tottenham Hotspur They face a potential stadium closure after footage emerged of Marseille spectators clashing with referees and police during last week’s Champions League match, according to the former.Premier League Referee Keith Hackett.

The Lowdown: Mayhem in Tottenham vs Marseille

Screenshots recently appeared on Twitter which shows the French club’s fans throwing a few missiles at the Tottenham fans, before escalating into full-blown fights with the referees.

As a result, the riot police had to intervene to calm the situation.

These events set a damper for Lilliwaits’ return to the Champions League, with Antonio Conte’s side starting their careers strong. 2-0 victory Thanks to two goals from the new signing of Richarlison.

Latest: Hackett Claim

Hackett believes that Tottenham will be punished for the events that occurred on Wednesday night.

talk with football insideThe previous referee claimed:

“I think Tottenham might be in trouble.

“What we have to understand is that there is a UEFA appointed match delegate. Usually, he is a guy with a strong managerial background. He is there as the liaison between the clubs and UEFA, he is the UEFA man on the field.

“Part of his job is to report different things. He will do a tour of the stadium before the match to make sure that enough gates are open, access to the stadium is OK and there are no problems externally.

This is a real problem. Two groups of fans were throwing things at each other.

“The first question is that UEFA will be looking to see if there is a history of Tottenham Hotspur in this area. Have there been previous problems with ground security and incidents of this kind?

“If he’s not there, Spurs can expect a big fine. If they’ve got Spurs previously, they might be on their way to locking out the ground, no spectators.

“UEFA are really keen on this particular scenario. They will investigate. The Disciplinary Committee will look at the number of security personnel, the advance planning arrangements, and where was the security? We know that security came with the entry of the helmeted police officers.

“Look at this space. Normally, UEFA takes a darker view of this kind of behaviour. When it’s an English club they become microscopic.”

Referee: It could be a big hit

If UEFA ends up forcing Tottenham to play one of their Champions League matches behind closed doors, it would be a huge blow given the effect of the positive atmosphere around N17 on the pitch.

It would seem a bit unfair considering who the footage suggests is that Spurs is to blame, but Spurs are hoping they get a fine; Otherwise, they could be able to get into other games already in the back.