You bear responsibility when purchasing a ticket. It’s a real shame’

Ireland’s president, Vera Bow, has expressed her disappointment after the standoff in Finland last week fell short of crowd capacity, despite the game being described as a sale.

FAI said it would. status review – The record crowd of 6,952 was less than Tallaght’s capacity of 8,000 – confirming that this was the result of ticket holders not attending that day.

Speaking this evening at the pre-match press conference in Scenic ahead of tomorrow’s Group A qualifying final away to Slovakia, Bao referred to the scenario in which the FA was unable to redistribute tickets to fans who could attend after ticket holders did not show up in that day. .

“There was a series of empty seats,” she began. They bought tickets and didn’t show up which is a real shame. Because there were thousands of girls who wanted to come.

“Every ticket is sold out, a lot of people are lost. What are you doing? It’s our marketing department that deals with it. We want it to be accessible to everyone. We can make tickets more expensive but then you put pressure on people who probably don’t have that much.” [money] Available. You want everyone to be able to attend.

“My honest feeling is that it’s down to the decency of the people who buy tickets, that they know there are thousands of girls crying at home. Crying at home is literally because they can’t go to the stadium.

“You have to take responsibility when buying a ticket.”

Pauw and her team are “mobilizing emotions for another fight” as they chase their 2023 World Cup dream, before tomorrow’s game.

An away win over Slovakia would shorten Ireland’s way into the playoff as they look to reach their first-ever Grand Slam.

Girls In Green wrapped up their lead with a 1-0 win over Finland on a historic night at Tallaght Stadium on Thursday, and with results elsewhere in their favour, three points against the Slovaks would propel Ireland into the second round of UEFA qualifying. Playoff series as one of the top three contestants.

“I’m sure,” Bao said. “We had a huge emotional outburst on Thursday, the biggest thing is getting back down to earth and loading your emotions into another fight. Because no game you win without a fight. That’s the biggest job, but we don’t do it with pressure.

“We also have to realize that we are missing a few players – Megan Connolly, Rocha. [Littlejohn], Niamh Fahey (all injuries) and Jimmy Finn who has been suspended. We need to find some solutions for that.”

Wexford Youth midfielder Oibhen Clancy has been added to the squad, along with Izzy Atkinson (Aston Villa) and Jesse Stapleton (Shelburn).

Dutch coach Pau, always discussing growth, noted that the team’s mentality against Finland shows just how much the group has come under their tutelage.

“I don’t know how it was but for this group – even in the European campaign – the play-offs will not be enough, it was just a step in the middle. There is everything to play tomorrow where we can get to the top three teams in second place which will give us a huge advantage in Our center is in the appendix.Of course you can draw one of the best seeders too and there is only one game you can prepare for and win.

An overview of the players in training today.

Source: Ryan Byrne / INPHO

“There’s nothing in us that makes this game less important. It’s great that we’ve reached the playoffs but I hope we can take a big step in our playing abroad. I hope that comes tomorrow.”

Strong defender Louise Quinn sat on her right side and echoed her manager’s sentiments. The Birmingham City captain has confirmed there will be no easing despite the fact that a watershed point has been secured.

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“I don’t think so. For us, there is a lot to play for. In the team too, there is a lot to play in order to make sure you are in the next starting lineup for a potential playoff, wherever that is, for Vera to see us and the coaches to see us at our best. .

“We are constantly competing, and we constantly want to send messages to other teams about the strength and depth of our team. For us, we are happy to have a playoff game, but now we have another chance to make it an even better place for the playoffs, get that extra reward for the hard work we put in and keep going. Going forward.This group is as we have always had.

“For us, there is no complacency in matches, there is always a lot to play for as a team and personally.”

The two teams drew 1-1 when they met in November, and Peter Cobain’s side scored just one of Ireland’s four goals in this campaign.

“We don’t underestimate Slovakia,” Bao added.

“This is a very good football team. They had a good sense of positional play, and they had the skills to implement that in a small space.

“There are a lot of street footballers in it, very mobile and they know exactly what they are doing on that pitch. It is a very dangerous squad, they drew against Finland and against us, they only lost a few against Sweden, so we are fully prepared for tomorrow.”